The future of Fashion as we know it?

International brand Tommy Hilfiger just introduced Twitter HALO at its 2016 SS “Hilfiger Collection” fashion show runway in New York City. And the first feature was amazing crazy beautiful supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Here’s what the hype is all about, presented by @TommyHilfiger official Twitter account live from NYC:

But what is this Twitter HALO everybody’s talking about? A new technology implementing creative uses of Twitter in the right way. How?

Twitter HALO is a multi-camera device that captures 360 degrees videos immediately available to be shared through Twitter: a real-time 20-something-seconds eye on the collection, but also an innovative step forward to the virtual world.

Well done Tommy: “In this way,” – fashion designer said – “we are fusing technology with innovation in the right way. We’ve become increasingly energized by digital technology and innovation, which has transformed the show experience for us and our audiences.”