Victoria+JeanDivine Love // Los Angeles by Nina Sever

I sometimes find them blues, I can define some country moments in their music and it’s all mixed up and put together by a passionate rock voice Victoria is not afraid to let flow according and through the melody. Reading here and there you’ll find combinations like “avant-pop” or “cinematic pop”, which works quite well for the entire album.

It is curious indeed that Divine Love has something different and this is what we are going to talk about.

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I prefer to let you read what V+J have to say about this song and to talk myself about my personal experience with them in a different context. You will be thrilled about their album, but this is an another story is not the time to talk about yet.

They are maybe from Sweden, or perhaps from Belgium; voices run around their new video made in Los Angeles and nobody can say their next aim in the world. They call themselves as “globetrotters” which Reykjavik Boulevard’s readers should find quite close to their hearts.

Victoria and Jean are not a mystery but a two-piece band with a fickle traveling identity and a strong sound.

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This is Divine Love and these are Victoria+Jean!

As Love can be Divine, Divine is love, Love is a strange thing that we all want and don’t want to let go, for as a drug, it envelops us all in a comfy cotton candy like way. For some are ready for anything to keep it and to have it.

When we composed the song it just came out like something evident, we composed it in Sweden, Jean did some percussive beats on the border of a lake, and since then, it really hasn’t changed. It’s got that drifty feeling to it, as love can have.

Ian Caple, he did the mixing for this song, helped in the process for this to sound that way, and when we received it, once finished, we all had tears in our eyes, he managed to really get the essence of it. So we thank him, for his sensitivity.

Why L.A., well, because we followed the instructions of our director/graphic artist, Anita Fontaine, who’s amazing by the way, she takes care of all our imagery, and that, from the begining, at first we were supposed to go to Cape Town or Canada. But as she’s between San Francisco and L.A. she found the perfect team to make this video (Young Replicant) and actress (Annabelle Wallis) who were all in L.A.

So doing this somewhere else didn’t make much sense.

About Anita Fontaine: «Anita Fontaine creates radical content and sensory experiences for brands and multiple dimensions. Zigzagging fashion, art and digital her vision is future-forward, unrestrained by any medium. She believes in magic.»


Director: Anita Fontaine // Music by: Victoria +Jean // Producer: Jordan Harkins // 1st AD: Marco Bargellini // Director of Photography: Ben Goodman // Production Designer : Jordan Harkins // Art Director : Joseph Cocherell // Stylist: Melis Kuris // Hair + Makeup: Carissa Ferreri // 1st AC: Kyle Biermeister // 2nd AC: Danny Garcia // Media Management: Brian Pelletier // Gaffer: Randy Newman // Best Boy Electric: Seva Shybkou // Lighting Tech: Fernando Morales Jr. // Key Grip: Ron Wilson // Best Boy Grip: Michael Creasy // Carpenters: Selvin Villatoro, Fernando Marroquin // Production Manager: Joey Capone // Production Assistants: Stan McGriff, Madison McKamey // Storyboard Artist : Alex Takacs // Animal Wranglers: Joe from Benay’s Bird + Animals // Edit: Chris Kursel at Lost Planet // VFX: Anita Fontaine // Color: A52 + Anita Fontaine // Additional VFX: Ben Goodman // Additional Art by the lovely: Valeska Bachauer