Valentin Astier is a photographer from Montréal, Canada.

This is one of his latest series, called: “Gaspésie, Mon Amour”. It’s the visual diary of a trip along the Gaspésie region in the Québec, let’s find out more from his own words:

I think this is with this series that I’ve started to find my own style, my own preferences: in the subject, the mood and the post-production. This is the result of a one week of road trip along the Gaspésie in the Québec.

At the moment, I just tried to capture all that I could. This place really moved me. The Gaspésie is a really wide place with few local people that lives there. Most of the time you are either on the road, seeing a lot of different landscapes, either walking in the nature. And you find that peace, that serenity, that calm you only have in nature.

Of course, and gratefully, there is a million places similar in those aspects but the Gaspésie offers all the moods and landscapes that I love to shoot. I went back to my trip with a thousand photographies I think, which is not so much. After some time of process, I gathered the images that reflected the feeling that I had during this road trip I to have a coherent series.

Valentin Astier