What is Urban Spree Galerie?

Inside the multifaceted city of Berlin, last year was founded this polyfunctional space that represents in just 400 SqM the spirit of the German capital.

Urban Spree Galerie, through its residency program, its concept store, and the exhibition space, works as a meeting point to show the cultural melting pot.


To start the summer season Urban Spree Galerie presents The Circle Show.

The location will be occupied by the art works of a group of artists that are based in Berlin.

Most of them are illustrators, but the list of dragged artists is really exhaustive and variegated.


The concept of the show is the circle: symbol of community and friendship.

On July 13th go to the Urban Spree Galerie, a closed square where you can meet interesting people, buy artworks, books and magazines, and enter in a cultural network.

Artists involved: Alaniz, Andrea Wan, Anne Wenkel & Ekaterina Koroleva, Bene Rohlmann, Billy & Alex, Blo, Boing, Bosso Fataka, Chìa, Cren, Dolly Demoratti, Drypnz, Felix Bork, JBAK: James Bullough ‘ Karl Addison, Julia Benz, Justin Person, KLUB7: Otto Baum ‘ Kidcash ‘ Disko Robot, Max Gärtner, Martin Krusche, MC Fitti, Mr. Talion, Niels Kalk, Noa Snir, Peter János Novák, Prost, RylseeSam Crew: Hazard Hope & John Reaktor, Slava Ostapchenko, Sophia Hirsch, Spray, Tine Fetz,Tika, THE WEIRD: Look ‘ Vidam, Tomasz Kobialka, Vanessa Rosa, Wesr, Wurstbande xXcrew: Elias Errerd ‘ Johannes Mundinger.

CREN The Circle Show''' The Circle Show'' The Circle Show' The Circle Show Justin Person JBAK

Text by: Carolina Gestri