Uovo: an international and undisciplined project

We are in Milan to show you an alienating experience out of the usual routine of fashion, clubs and jet set.



If you want to jump out from the monotonous carousel you can go to the Triennale Design Museum showing the XI edition of Uovo (egg) Festival.

What is Uovo?

Uovo is an international and undisciplined project that promotes contemporary creativity in its diverse declinations and expressive formats, going beyond the traditional division of genres and places of representation.

It is a good occasion to see some representation of opposite concept: Music-Movements, Reality-Fiction, Stage-Audience, Public-Privacy, Space-Time.

Watching and thinking from a new point of view, the viewer is driven to important questions with a pure spirit, like embryons still closed in the eggs.

During the festival you can enjoy:

One of the main characters of dOCUMENTA (13), Jérôme Bel, in collaboration with the Zurich’s theater HORA, a company of professional actors with Down Syndrome. This work wants to underlaine the limits of ordinary people to understand disability. Jérôme proves that these actors are able to do everything, suggesting you to interview yourself and discover new feelings.



Ursula Kaufmann & Georg Schreiber

Alessandro Sciarroni shows the folkloric part of our global era. The performer plays the accordion, dancing on popular music, doing rituals, and showing the exertion and the difficulties of doing infinity repetitions. Dancers become symbols of our contemporary age, chained between popular traditional imaginaries and mechanical alienation.



Matteo Maffesanti

Barokthegreat: a company that works with virtual and real images to guide the audience in an hallucinogenic travel, losing the idea of reality. Sounds, virtual images (copies of reality?) and real images (copies of a fantastic imaginary?) confuse you and drive you in a bitter-sweet wonderland.




Text by: Carolina Gestri