France is definitely a very fascinating country.

Full of different influences and contradictions, sometimes you’d feel like it was not just a single one but many more countries all together, cut and paste one close to the other in order to create a beautiful puzzle.


If the North of France is for some aspects much more similar to other Northern European countries, the South of it and in particular the West side of the South of France is definitely Mediterranean in all its characteristics. Which is pretty strange as it’s actually the Atlantic Oceans which gets its beaches wavy and windy. Maybe because of the closeness with Spain, maybe because it’s like this in the Southern part of pretty much all the European countries: life here seems to be easily enjoyable.


People like to sit in a bar and drink a glass of great wine while eating a piece of bread with cheese which sounds so simple but which is possibly one of the best things you’d try in your life. People know that staring at the sun diving into the sea it’s not a waste of time but something that enriches you a bit more every time you do that. People like a nice table, a nice view, being surrounded by other people who are doing the same thing as them: enjoying their life.


Put all these things together and try to imagine somewhere to fulfill them all at the same time. Hard to think about? Maybe yes, but definitely not impossible. La Co(o)rniche, for example, it’s a great example of a place that offers you beautiful food and vine, but also cocktails, and oysters at the bar and gives you the chance to have them while looking at one of the most beautiful views you’d see in the surroundings of Arcachon: the same view you’d get from climbing the Dune du Pilat which is just fifteen minutes away from this pretty famous and incredibly elegant bar and restaurant.


The service is of course impeccable and in you really fell in love with the Co(o)rniche, you’d be able to spend there an entire day or more thanks to the private swimming pool they own, which looks directly to the ocean and it’s between lovely trees whose shades come at the right time of the day.


The Co(o)rniche is just as elegant as the average restaurant and hotel in Arcachon, city whose area is famous for the very high level of the visitors. But even if you were just passing by while doing a road trip through the South West of France, nothing would keep you from having a drink in one of the leaning chairs at La Co(o)rniche and also deciding your next stop by enjoying their WiFi connection: it’s free!


Text and pics by Carlotta Buosi © All rights reserved