When was the last time you “stopped to smell the roses”? It has probably been a while, no?

Well then, let me take a second to remind you. Say you’ve just come home from a year-long trip, and you’re still riding the wanderlust high. Instead of taking a second to reminisce over the incredible adventures fresh out of the oven, you’re already browsing the flight search engines for the next, cheapest way out. Typical habit of a traveler, isn’t it? Always thinking about the next move, looking forward to all the possibilities and places with which to shape the future.

In order to avoid stacking up too many adventures at once and hitting a wall, take a breather, sit still, and drown in the best of memories. I mean, it was a year of your life. Allow 2-4 weeks of downtime before you think about running off again.


No matter whether you’re graduating from school, getting married, working, or traveling the world, it’s very common to feel disheartened focusing on how far you have yet to go. But every so often, if you took a look back at how far you’ve come, you’d blow yourself away. Of course, it’s important to work smart, but don’t forget to celebrate your achievements too.

And despite what people may tell you, it’s okay to take a break. After all, it is from reflection that we are able to learn what we liked and didn’t like about the past and use that to alter the path we’re on. Otherwise, we would all continue sleepwalking from one commitment to another, continuously making the same mistakes, never growing or evolving.

So now that you’re finished reading, close your internet browser, take notice of all the colors around you, let nostalgia wow you with everything you’ve done with your amazing life, and do so often. Those roses smell pretty sweet, huh?

Text by: K. Sugiyama