The lights turn on, illuminating the intimate crowd that has gathered at The Oval Space in London.

They step from behind the curtains and take their positions on stage, the air now electric with anticipation.

They are The Howling – A relatively recent endeavour between Australian vocalist Ry Cuming and Frank Wiedemann, who is one half of German outfit Åme. Best known for their self-titled, hugely popular first single, Frank and Ry entice us with their latest offering ‘Shortline’, our bodies swaying to the beat in rhythmic unison.

Silence descends as the sombre chords of ‘Watch you run’ begin to drift over the crowd. One look at Ry – his eyes closed, feeling every note coursing thru him like a man possessed – and you instantly feel the raw emotion behind the track.


We continue to groove to an unknown track, wondering whether we are privy to a new single, when realisation spreads thru the crowd that we are actually witnessing a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. An anthem of many generations, the cover fits like a long lost glove in a myriad of nostalgic yet modern cacophony.


The climax comes when Frank plays the familiar melody of The Howling. We sing along, at times with hands in the air, smiling – this is the moment we’ve been waiting for and it is as satisfying as expected.

Hanging in the green room after the show, Frank and Ry are a sea of calm, accepting compliments and chatting with friends. There are no egos here – they do what they do for the love.


You can catch The Howling on August 11th at the Watergate & Innervisions Open Air at Rummelsburg in Berlin.


Text and pics by: Svjetlana Begic