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By: Nina Sever // Pics by Nina, Kory and Olga

Sometimes I have the possibility to show a bit of the backstage world of my life as a model, sometimes I have the fortune to know in person some of the people you can read about here on Reykjavik Boulevard. And this is exactly what happened this time!

That morning I met Kory Kong, right on set… And who would expect that? The night before the shoot I was talking to some members of the team and the stylist said something about a “Corinna”, but I was probably too tired or too drunk to link the name to the badass Italian model we featured on this magazine photographed by Davide Ambroggio.

We worked together with an another amazing model, Olga Shuldyk, but she’s traveling these days and she couldn’t reach me to talk about the videoclip a little bit. I’m ready to forgive a model on the road, it is always a good reason not to stick to your mobile.

I thought that it would be boring just reading random impressions I had on set, so I made some questions to Kory and she answered pretty quickly. Imagine her talking sometimes serious, sometimes smiling, but somehow always shiny and clever and really funny. I think that there is not that much to say, the video is easy and bright and I assure you we felt the same way as actresses and not as characters only. We laughed a lot!

girls on bed videoclip1902048_10202405611995846_2138339201_n1620382_10202405618276003_765250702_n1901995_10202405617235977_2079880857_nbath girls videoclip1661872_10202405616955970_249419271_n1920331_10202405594635412_559822072_n feet videoclip1622816_10202405597035472_417183158_n1904244_10202405595835442_503951828_nglitter videoclipbackstage videoclip Antonio1922250_10202405600475558_1537691915_nme and Korypanties videoclip1897009_555875611185928_1894856424_nme and Olga1898199_756516671026722_1840363226_n1016227_10202405610115799_79537147_n portrait Antonio1926931_10202405610715814_867284018_n

Shortly, by Kory:

What is the funniest thing happened on set?

Jeering to each other during the fitting of those improbable carnival-in-rio-gym-girls.

Any nasty situation?

Finding yourself with a cup of Corn-Flakes and being compelled to eat them slowly and gently as the direction required.

The favourite scene!

The bed scene, because I could see the effects that my jumps were producing on Nina and Olga laying down.

And the longest scene?

Probably the outdoors.

Which has been the relationship with the other models?

I would say it has been a real discovery from the human prospective.

And the rest of the team?


What do you think about the location?

Super beautiful! (oh, you don’t say).

So this is what basically happened, less or more. I found myself feeling that way, so I won’t spent any more words on this lovely video directed by Antonio Filippelli.

And, you wouldn’t say, but it’s made in my dearest Tuscany.

This is “We will set the world on fire” by The C.I.P. and these girls are me, Kory and Olga having just fun!

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