It’s all fun and games until Iceland Airwaves is not over.

After five days full of emotions, music and UPs and DOWNs, you gotta face the final review.

It’s harsh, it’s cool, it’s crazy, it’s usually a good way to keep a trace of what happened between a Brennivínn and a Lopapeysa, a Reyka and a kiss, a BB Pilsur and a Christmas Beer, a gust of wind and a few hours sleep, a new talent discovered and a sight reciprocated, an infinite queue and a funny beanie, a tear and a new friend met. Or maybe it’s just a way to share what you’ve felt with curious folks. Anyway, we are here to tell you everything you wanted to know (but maybe were too afraid to ask) about this edition so, ready, steady… GO!

Iceland Airwaves

It’s no Airwaves without the talented bands.

Let’s say that we all love Iceland, but this is the best week of the year, despite the bizarre weather (last year minus-something and crazy winds, this year full days of sunshine), because of the music. And the people.

We’ll write about the people, but now we gotta tell you what we experienced with the bands. You can’t watch them all, and we are no exception. Last year we spent nine days trying to write down a list of gigs to attend, and everything was screwed up the very first night (beer abetter). So, mindful of last year’s mistake, we decided to just let go.

Schermata 2013-11-10 alle 00.47.16

In a random order, we went to: Gold Panda, Múm, Emiliana Torrini, Ásgeir, Vigri, Íris, For a Minor Reflection, Jon Hopkins, Sóley, Anna Von Hausswolff, Samaris, FM Belfast, Mikky Blanco, Retro Stefson, John Grant, Vök, Eivør Pálsdottír, Christine Hoberg, Low Roar, Me and My Drummer, Pascal Pinon, Sísy Ey and the cult electronic gurus Kraftwerk. Considering that in the meantime we were shooting a documentary (thanks to the support of our Official Sponsor GEYSIR CAR RENTAL ICELAND) that’s pretty much I guess! Click HERE to find our photo reportage!

Liked those pics? Hope so! Let’s go back to our review.

Icelandair (main sponsor of Iceland Airwaves Music Festival) this year has made a huge effort to bring more than 250 bands to Reykjavik. The main thing we noticed has been the fact that they also realized a great effort to bring gazillions of people, as most of the venues were overcrowded like a circle of hell. Our hearts are still bleeding for we couldn’t get in some of our favorite bands’ concerts as the venues were full monty: we missed Mammút, Sin Fang, Berndsen and many others. Let’s hope Icelandair will find a way to bring Icelandic music to us somehow in the near future whilst we dry our eyes!


Some of them took the whole cake, some other bands really disappointed us.


Find out who they were on the next page!

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