The never ending love: FOR A MINOR REFLECTION

Those four guys are just unbelievable.

We already described their music HERE and, as time goes by, they taste like a good old wine: they improve with aging.

Iceland Airwaves

They were the only band that we decided to enjoy twice in such busy days, and we were highly repaid and satisfied.

It’s probably been awhile since they played all together lately, being Kjartan Holm busy touring with Sigur Rós worldwide this year. They rehearsed the weeks before Airwaves (as we discovered through their Instagram profile) and were completely ready to shock us once again at Kaffibarinn (first) and 12Tónar (after).

For a minor reflection live by Nccl Sclf Photography © All rights reserved -

The show at Kaffibarinn begun with them saying “Hello. This is our favorite club in town”. They had us at “Hello”. We were standing on our chairs, the place was completely packed. People were queuing out of the door but the volume was high enough to give them the chance to feel the vibe.

The (quick) set was a good chance for the band to introduce their latest release, a CD+DVD special edition pack “Live at Airwaves 2012”. We will try to review this work as soon as possible for you, but trust us if you’re thinking about buying it: it’s worth every Penny, Cent, Krona you might want to invest. Here’s an example of what you can expect from that:

Listening to their music is like giving your soul the chance to get lost in a lagoon made of dreams, a forest made of hugs, a magic carpet made of sounds melting together like lava meeting pure ice, giving back the very essence of music: to finally breath.

There’s a microphone they usually use only to say “Takk” (thank you). It’s right in the middle of them, like a nucleus with its crazy electrons spinning around. You can focus on that, watching the creation of post rock sounds, and if you close your eyes for a while you can get lost forever. With a smile. That, can never disappoint.


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