Are you addicted to SURFING? You’re probably looking for a new frontier for your favorite sport.

We might know the right place for you. Why don’t you try the land of fire: our beloved ICELAND?

As unlikely as it sounds, this cold island is home to some very hot surf, a place where everyone’s going because no one’s going.

Wind/Swell combos

Smack in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is bombarded with gigantic swells from all directions providing for a very high surf reliability and good wind / swell combos. This, combined with a diverse coastline of beaches, reefs, points and river mouths means great opportunities for surfing outstanding.

Water temperature

The downside, of course, is that it’s bloody freezing: water temperatures in winter range from 7 °C down to 1 °C, which limits the time you can spend waiting to catch waves. But some might say the occasional ice-cream headache is a small price to pay: you’ll wander snow-covered beaches at the foot of volcanic mountains, and sometimes even catch the Aurora Borealis over your head. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Surf spots 

Surfing in Iceland has been kind of a hardcore sport until now, but it’s becoming more popular. Although there are plenty of surf spots in Iceland yet to be discovered, the current best spots are Snæfellsnes, Garður, Hafnir, Sandvik, Grindavík or Þorlákshöfn: most of them are located within an hour drive from Reykjavik. Meaning that you can escape to deserted beaches but still chill out in one of the most lively capitals in Europe for some after-surf fun.

If you don’t believe us, just watch these two stunning videos. Just…WOW.

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