August is going to be Reykjavik Boulevard’s travel month. We are going around the world in different countries. Whilst in Europe we choose 3 of the most challenging destinations, here’s what we expect.

Berlin, Copenhagen and Hamburg: there must be plenty of interesting things to do!

Let’s start our planning:



This summer the German capital offers one of the most exciting calendar of the summer: we are going to be in Berlin from the 2nd August to the 11th.

We are going to sleep in Simon-Dach Straße one of the most vibrant and entertaining. The darker it gets, the funnier the street becomes. In the summer there are approximately 1,900 outdoor seating, distributed among about 20 bars and restaurants.

We are going to visit the Berliner Floh Markets, there are a lots of this markets in Berlin and we think is going to be super to hang around there in our free Sunday morning and find some nice vintage pieces.

Shopping in Berlin is an awesome experience and we are going to check out some shops and concept stores in the main shopping streets of the city.

Badeschiff is an outdoor beach bar that features a pool in a river. Once you pay a small entry fee, you’re free to go on the beach, the roof, or have a dip in the pool. Here on August the 6th is also going to be the Ben & Jerry’s Taste & Tunes Tour, with free ice cream and music.

Night life, what can we say? Berlin IS night life!

“10”, Berghain 10th Anniversary, the most famous club in the world celebrates its first decade with an interdisciplinary exhibition open to all. Nine visual artists are going to exhibit their works. The exhibition is going to be open from the 8th to the 31st August.

Internazionales Berliner Bierfestival, with more than 2,400 types of beer from more than 86 countries. It will be held on Karl-Marx-Allee.

Tempelhof: this airport is today a Volkspark. We can go there to go cycling, skateboarding or jogging; there is also an area for barbecues and a large picnic area.

Raw Tempel is the main cultural center of Friedrichshain. The name comes from Reichsbahn Ausbesserungs Werk (workshops for the repair stations), abbreviated in RAW. An old industrial complex constructed in 1867, now designated for different inter-cultural projects. The space is divided into the Cassiopeia club, the MIKZ, a bar, a theater, a cafe and artist workshops. The bunker is now used as a climbing playground.


In Copenhagen in summer everything is green and blossoming, the city is busy and active and we are going to be there from the 12th August to the 14th.

Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival: we have the opportunity to see ten giant sand sculptures created by international sand artists at Hundested Harbour in Northern Sealand. This year’s themes are Vikings and Norse mythology. Amazing!

Strøm Festival: this festival was established in 2007 and takes places in various venues around Copenhagen (indoors and outdoors) celebrating all aspects and genres of electronic music. The festival runs for seven days. Strøm is considered the premier electronic music event in Scandinavia and presents the newest and most iconic electronic music of both local and international origin.

In Copenhagen you are never far from a beach and during summer you can also go for a swim in the many centrally located Harbor baths. Amager Beach Park offers 4.6 kilometers of white sand beach, Islands Brygge Harbour Bath has five basins and Urban Beach offers sand, sweaty beats and drinks.

Copenhagen has many parks and gardens: King’s Garden, Amaliehaven, Frederiksberg Garden, the Rampart of Christianshavn, the Deer Park, Fælledparken, Kalvebod Fælled Vestamager, the Rose Garden. There we are going to relax and sunbathe.

In Copenhagen is located the first Carlsberg Breweryand: it has been converted into a modern centre for visitors. We are going to have a a trip through the world’s largest collection of beer bottles, the history of beer, and the Carlsberg development.

The colorful Freetown Christiania is an abandoned military area in the district of Christianshavn that has been occupied by squatters who proclaimed it a free city area in 1971, a free place not subjected to tax and guided by a national law. In this alternative neighborhood flocked new settlers and the social experiment of a few free-thinkers became a permanent feature of the city. Christiania survives, adapts, and is still an alternative center in the middle of the capital, with about 1,000 people who live there permanently.

We think that also in this city the shopping is going to be great! Copenhagen has a lot of cool shopping streets!

Trendy Meatpacking district is where all the new and trendy places are opening. Several art galleries, restaurants and clubs. It’s located in the cool district Vesterbro!


With its flair and maritime charm, Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. We planned to go there  for a festival but we are pretty sure that this city will surprise us!

Ms Dockville festival, the line-up is super! Come join us!

A legend and a must-see is the Fisch Markt. It’s an open-air market, located right next to the historic fish auction hall at the Hamburg harbor, the second-busiest port in Europe. The atmosphere is unique.

The Speicher stadt of Hamburg is the world’s largest contiguous warehouse complex and is located in the Freihafen. We heard about it words such as: “An idyll that one would hardly imagine”.

Jungfernstieg is the Hamburg’s most stylish promenade and since the opening ceremony in 2006 the area is completely new!

Hafen City is the new city center. It’s located directly in the port and gives to the city a modern note. With the development of this new district, Hamburg created a vibrant urban space that combines office and residential space, commercial activities, leisure, gastronomy and culture.


We are going to let you know when will be back!!!

Let us know your plans!

By: Teresa Vitartali