Suji Park is a freelance photographer from South Korea.

As any other photographer, he’s in love with photography.

Here’s his story.

It all started as a hobby but it did not take long until photography completely captivated my heart. It was mainly about documenting my days and trips in earlier days. Lately, my vision became clearer and I became aware of what I want to tell through photography:

I wish to portray a world that is full of poetic moments and dreams.

Photography brings me pure joy and clicking the shutter makes me feel alive. For now I cannot think of anything else other than photography in life and I shall continue walking on this path. About my technique, I do not consider myself good at it. I mostly care about lighting and composition would follow next. These days I am doing experiments with double exposure tricks. Photography in South Korea is growing. What I have recently noticed is that more and more people recognize photography as an art and support independent publications and such. 

This is his latest series called “Crown tied by Innocence”, a dreamlike relationship with the universe as a sole observer.