Start Up is a cultural event and a party which is rapidly becoming a trend all over the world.

It usually involves some local artists and give them the possibility to showcase their works and also allows anyone who would like to take part to the organization to test their PR skills and get involved in this initiative whose main purpose is still to highlight the beauty of the location where it takes place.

This year, the second week end of July, the Start Up finally got to Italy and among all the gorgeous locations which could have host it in a country filled with beautiful spots and unique architectures, the final choice fell on the small town of Vicenza. Situated in a strategic position among Venice and Verona but also close to both the seaside and the mountains, this town is mostly famous for the contribute that architect Andrea Palladio gave to it. He, in the early 15 hundreds, build the city and its country side and made it become an absolutely unique spot because of his peculiar style, Neo-Classical inspired but definitely recognizable.


What is probably the signature of Palladio’s architecture and his most complete and beautiful piece of work is the very well known Basilica, which with the Villas in the country side is the biggest reason for crowds of tourists coming to Vicenza. The Basilica, situated in the main square of the town, is often used for exhibitions and events, and that’s why the Start Up was also set right inside of it. In particular, the event took place in the back staircase of the Basilica, and the small square behind it, Piazza delle Erbe, which had been closed to host the party.


If we wanted to think about what would be the typical Start Up day, it would probably start with a visit at the art and photographic exhibitions. The one in Vicenza was featuring works from artists Nico Angiuli and Serena Vestrucci, who provided visual installations and paintings to it.


After that, maybe after taking part to some of the conferences and workshops also set inside of the Basilica and dealing with topics such as “Interpretation of the Image in the Digital World”, hosted by professors and experts, it would be time to take a brake before the party.


The Start Up comes also as a chance to promote new music genres and Djs. The music is mostly electronic and the artists who came to Vicenza from all over the world to warm up the little Piazza delle Erbe and play on a gorgeous Dj set inside of the stair case of the Basilica were Danny Daze from USA, Francesca Lombardo who found her luck in the UK, SIS from Germany and Cristian Viviano in the first night, which was Friday. On Saturday, Miguel Campbell from the UK, Dinky  from Chile and the Italian Luca Bacchetti went on.

But what is probably the biggest feature of the Start Up and another reason why it always takes place somewhere with significative architecture is the Video which is projected more than one time per night. It is showed directly on the building, in this case the Basilica, giving you the feeling of the architecture taking life and coming out of itself in some sort of surreal game, following the music. The video projected in Vicenza also had some historical meaning, showing the bombings which damaged the structure during the II World War.


The Start Up is definitely a very interesting and creative way to celebrate art, music and the beauty of its location all at once. Because of that, it becomes something which should be definitely taken into consideration and followed close enough to make sure you’ll be able to see one, sooner or later.

Text and Pics by: Carlotta Buosi © All rights reserved