Sonar Reykjavik is over. Sad, but we gotta face the truth. We just spent the last days hangover or just thinking about this first edition of a “traveling festival”.

Being a “traveling magazine” we’ve been really curious and wanted to live it as much as we could. That makes few hours of sleep, lots of talking, lots of dancing, lots of sweating, lots of drinking.

That thing remembered us the Iceland Airwaves Festival week, but we got to say that the taste in our mouth was completely different. We enjoyed the Sonar, but in a very diverse way. We know we shouldn’t compare the two things, so we are going to limit this review to the TOP 3 international exhibitions and live shows. What we will definitely remember as the “Best of the first historical edition”:



Trentemøller delighted us with one of his best sets, we really felt like he was in a particular connection with Iceland (probably what he told us in our interview helped in this way). It really blew our minds.

What else to say? Nothing. You can’t describe feelings, you can just say that you wish people could have the chance to enjoy music without needing to create a big mess around – as it happened from time to time -, just feeling the positive vibes.



We started following Modeselektor long long time ago, (a honor to find more in our interview), we are still really amazed by all of their performances and can’t wait for their new collaboration with Apparat – the project, Moderat, is really one of a kind -.

This live set was crazy like all the Berlin collective production, and we just lost ourselves feeling like Harpa was an oyster and us, us we were the pearls. Shining with the multiple lights in the hall.



Squarepusher set is like entering into the tunnel of music and seeing the light coming towards. The visual installation was just amazing, maybe it also overcame the musical side of the show.

He’s a brilliant artist, the space was full of people, he’s on our personal podium because of the mix music + light show. We were really mesmerized by it and wish we could have more.


– The festival was too much involved inside of Harpa. We missed the feeling of being surrounded by artists and music of the Iceland Airwaves, but as we said before, we were not at the Iceland Airwaves, so it’s just a feeling. And we love Harpa by the way.

– The variety of the audience was not that vary. Probably we met only icelandic people, and we love icelandic people. So, another good point, even if some of them seemed to be there just to get smashed instead of enjoying a festival. And, well, you got saturday night for that purpose. Right?

– The price of the Festival passes (85 Euros) was really affordable if you think of the offer. The line up was simply great, Harpa – with the only exception of the set with the bay view – was a perfect place for this kind of event, and even the garage-rave party was good fun. Handshakes to the management.

–  The “off-venue” show got FM Belfast. Well, if you don’t put FM Belfast in the official line up of a festival, you failed. It’s always a great pleasure to enjoy their shows, they can perform at Volta like this time, or anywhere else: it’s just good feelings and something you don’t wanna miss.

James Blake was probably one of the most crowded shows: hey! Good on you, but of course we did not have a real chance to enjoy it. Shame. Love the people, love the music, but sometime it’s just too much.

– There’s a group of annoying guys in Reykjavik, don’t know who they are yet, but they always get drunk way before any event, and just annoy people in the city and at the shows. One of the is always making some he-only-thinks-they-are-funny moves with his hands in front of complete strangers faces, I wonder why nobody ever kick his ass. It’s just stupid going to the shows and trying to ruin them to the people that is just there to enjoy good music and art. You can find s black-sheep anywhere: just the fact that you’ve found them in Iceland is weird, but probably unavoidable.

– Icelandic bands shows: well, let’s say Retro Stefson really “let it all glow”. We were really happy to listen to Sin Fang‘s new material, we love Samaris and think they’re gonna be a next big thing in the icelandic music scene, but all the other shows… Just disappeared a bit. The level was really high, they are all good musicians, but as we said before, that’s a different kind of Festival. And probably Retro Stefson are the only one that really gave their good interpretation to it. It’s a magic year for them, you can find more on our interview.

So, see you in Barcelona?