Sólveig Gylfadóttir is a pure soul living in the land of ice and fire: Iceland.

Sólveig Gylfadóttir is a model, a student, and much much more. We asked her to answer to our questions, to introduce her beauty to the world.

We wish she will keep following her dreams and hope to host her beautiful shootings from Iceland again soon on Reykjavik Boulevard!

Sólveig Gylfadóttir

In the two galleries below, redhead Sólveig Gylfadóttir is lost in the beautiful landscapes of Iceland with stunning images taken by talented photographers Gunnar Gestur and Ólafur Harðarsson. Simply out-of-this-world.

Like a fairy in a fairytale, she invites us to dream more.

And we dream.

Sólveig Gylfadóttir by Gunnar Gestur © All rights reserved - Reykjavik Boulevard

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Why did you decide to start modeling and how did you approach to this freelance experience?

I have heard over the years that I have a unique look and a very prominent and beautiful hair. Since I was young I dreamed that I would one day become a model, and I think it is a dream that many young girls have. I went to a modeling course when I was young and got a few projects after being there.

Since 2 years I posed for a few photo shoots, and since then I have been in few films and television shows, commercials and participated in many exciting projects. These modeling projects have always been extra work. School and my job at the hospital are always number one. It’s great to be a model in Iceland, especially since there are so many beautiful places here and changeable weather.

You seem to be very confident in front of the camera and you also appear in some nude-art pics: is it difficult or embarrassing to do that or it just comes very natural?

I have been doing a little bit of nude-art, but just with a very few photographers I know well and have worked with for a long time. I think there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I think it is also very important that the photographer don’t feel awkward or embarrassed.

I still have a rule that it must be tasteful and not too rough. I still could not throw away my clothes in front of a photographer I don’t know and don’t trust.

Iceland is a Country with plenty of photographers and models, are those very competitive fields?

Iceland is a very small country and people are familiar with each other. I have not noticed that there is much competition here, rather that both photographers and models help each other and give each other advices.

To fall in love in Reykjavik must be pretty easy as Iceland’s got one of the world’s highest born rate: culturally speaking, why is it like that?

I really do not know how I can answer this question well. Icelanders are known to be outgoing and find it easy to meet people and have sudden encounters.

Being beautiful in Iceland: is this always a good thing or are there downsides?

I think that it is positive to be beautiful. Sometimes you can find it not so good because boys can sometimes be too aggressive. It’s always good when people show you attention and notice you, smile and even turn head back to look at you. I like the attention, and I think it follows when you look good.

You are a freelance model but you also have other plans as you work as a nurse at the hospital: can you tell us something more about that?

I have not become a nurse yet, I’m still learning. My plans are to finish nursing school and I want to travel the world, working as a volunteer abroad to help both people and animals. 

Do you like to travel? What is the best experience related to a trip abroad that you want to share with us?

I love to travel. My dad is a captain for Icelandair and I have traveled a lot with him and also alone and with friends. The most interesting travels abroad was when I went to english school in Boston, I had to take care of myself in another country with no support for the first time. And also when I went on a singing tour through Spain.

What are your favorite Icelandic photographers and models?

I am very interested to see different pieces and work by different people. It would not be fun if everyone did and worked all the same.

What are the best “unusual” spots in Reykjavik and where would you take us if we had one day together?

One of my favorite places is Jökulsárlón, it’s a really beautiful place. But there are a million beautiful places here in Iceland, it’s hard to pick out a short list of places to see. I think I would just take you all around the country and show you dozens of places.

A perfect soundtrack for this interview, which Icelandic songs/bands would you choose for a compilation?

Definitely songs that people from other countries are familiar with, as with Sigur Rós, Björk, Of Monsters And Men, Ásgeir Trausti and many others. We have a lot of talented musicians here in Iceland, you just have to come and see it with your own eyes.

Sólveig Gylfadóttir by Ólafur Harðarsson © All rights Reserved - Reykjavik Boulevard

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