Sóley is a singer and musician from Reykjavik that we truly love since the very beginning of our project. And hers. Read our interview (from 2012) here.

We’re delighted to share with you her brand new single – and video! – from her upcoming album ‘Endless Summer’, right on Valentine’s day (if you don’t like the celebration itself, find Icelandic illustrator’s Hugleikur Dagsson sort of tribute here).

Sóley’s new work will be available – Morr Music label – on May 5th, 2017. Georgia, Germany, France, Poland and Austria are only some of the countries she will bring her ‘Endless Summer’ live shows starting from March 26th. You surely don’t want to miss her magic voice perfectly matching her piano notes!


In the meantime you can listen to her collaboration with Sin Fang and Örvar Smárason (a member of Mùm: if you don’t know them, check our exclusive one-take live video we shot at Iceland Airwaves 2013!): a Random Haiku Generator open channel where they’ll post one new song every month for one year!