Sólbjört Sigurðardóttir is a talented 18 years old dancer in Iceland.

She is a student at Klassíski Listdansskólinn since 14 years, as well as she is studying in Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík.

When she goes on stage she always has a big smile on her face and it‘s really enjoyable to see her dance. We asked this bright and joyful girl a few questions about her dreams and what it is like to study dance in Iceland.


Who is your all time favorite dancer?

My all time favorite dancer is probably Natalia Osipova. She is an amazing dancer with a limitless technique. I also really love Svetlana Zakharova and Sarah Lamb.


How is it to study dance in Iceland and where are you studying? When did you start to learn ballet?

It’s good to study dance in Iceland, although there aren’t many people studying dance in Iceland which leads to little competition. I wish there was more dance culture here. I am studying classical ballet and contemporary dance at Klassíski Listdansskólinn. I started to learn ballet when I was four years old but I was kind of on and off until I was about 9 years old.


What are your goals today?

My goals today are to finish at Klassíski Listdansskólinn and either go abroad to some dance school or apply for the dance department in Listaháskóli Íslands. I would love to get in at the Alvin Ailey School in New York.


Would you recommend Klassíski Listdansskóinn for up-and-coming dancers in Iceland?

I would really recommend Klassíski Listdansskólinn. It has absolutely great teachers. I wouldn’t want to study dance in some other school here in Iceland.


What is the most fun part of studying ballet and contemporary dance?

I love to dance! All my worries go away when I dance. Dance has been a part of me my whole life. There are so many things that make it fun. You make great friends and dance with them almost every day.


Have you participated in many shows and how is that experience?

I have participated in many shows with my dance school. There is always a christmas show in our dance studio and a big final show in a theather in Reykjavík (Borgarleikhúsið). Then our dance school participates in other shows such as Unglist and Safnanótt which other dance schools participate in as well. Also I have competed in a ballet solo competition which is a qualifier for the solo competition in Falun, Sweden. I really enjoy myself when I’m dancing on stage and it’s a really good experience. But it’s also very stressful, you want to do your very best.


What kind of dance do you most enjoy?

I think I enjoy classical ballet the most but i also really enjoy Graham technique and other contemporary techniques.

What is your biggest dream today?

My biggest dream is to become a prima ballerina but that is quite unrealistic. It would be amazing to get into a dance company anywhere, I just want to dance.


Does Iceland inspire you in some way when you’re choreographing?

The Iceleandic landscape and nature is beautiful and I would say that it sometimes inspires me when I am choreographing. But it of course depends on what I’m focusing on each time.


What would be your advice for young people in Iceland who want to study dance? 

My advice is to go abroad and study dance there, where the opportunities to become a dancer are bigger than here in Icealand. But it of course depends on what you want to do with your dancing.

Text by: Hulda Vigdísardóttir • All images are courtesy of S. Sigurðardóttir, H. Vigdísardóttir and Reykjavik Boulevard