We met Sin Fang, aka Sindri Már Sigfússon, or Pojke… he surely has a great number of monikers, but if you don’t know him personally, you might have probably heard about Seabear, his band from Iceland.

We had the chance to set a quick interview before his show at Iceland Airwaves 2012, probably the greatest music festival in the Nordic Countries, at least for the vibe and the emotions you can feel all around Reykjavik in these days.

We bet you don’t want to lose interesting bands and artists such these. So, wait December, and in the meanwhile get to know better this polyhedric artist who was wearing a self-made T-shirt when spoke with us, full of draws pretty similar to the huge amount of tattoos he got all around his body. You actually get the sensation when talking with him, that he’s so filled with ideas and creativity that some of that stuff need to come out somehow, and can be translated in the most different ways: music, design, videos or whatsoever.


Here is what we asked him, the “RVK BVD questions”, enjoy!

S.F.: I think the place where I spent most of the best times of my life in Reykjavik is Ingólfstorg: I was there all of my teenage years, skateboarding with friends. So I could maybe call that my favourite place. About my favorite venues I think Iðnó and Nasa – when this was still up – are my favorite places.

S.F.: I do all my collaborations with my girlfriendInga Birgisdóttir -, my brother who does videos and my father who is a photographer (he did the photos for the album covers): It’s a “family thing” right now, it’s very nice so I don’t really usually need to find any other collaboration. At least not in this moment.

S.F.FUN and LUCKY. I’ve been very lucky to find my label randomly when I was playing in Berlin like six years ago and it was like the third concert I played in my life, and after that I met Thomas Morr and signed with him for four or five album, so it was very fun just to start my musical career getting a record deal at once and a lot of support for tours and album recordings. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t fun.

S.F.: The first time I played at Iceland Airwaves I played with Seabear, we hadn’t done any album at that time but there was so many new people around and it was very fun, a different energy when we were playing and we enjoyed that a lot. About curious moments there are loads: once I was playing in New York City and a fight happened right in front of me in the crowd, it was weird… it happened in Seyðisfjörður something similar too: and a guy run in the middle of the crowd jumping like “Karate Kid”, and it’s weird because my music is not really violent music at all, but people sometimes just go crazy!

S.F.: The positive side is that it’s good for economy. The down side of tourism is that it’s pretty a shame that people that usually have a lot of money and controls this industry don’t have any taste, so they don’t preserve the venues just thinking about the profit of the hotel business. It’s nice when there is a lot of people around in town because of the music. The city lives of that.

S.F.: It’s different how people give a meaning to the songs, I would be happy if people would enjoy my music like I do when I listen to other band’s music. I have had a lot of emails and fun stuff and connections with music: one day people got married with a Seabear song instead of the wedding march, someone sent me a message on Facebook about a guy that was living in Berlin and a girl from Poland, it happened that she saw that the guy posted on the band’s profile and now they are engaged and expecting a child. It’s really fun and crazy to think this could happen, so you maybe have not to think about that too much. It’s nice when you can have a positive impact, but I don’t think about that when I write music, it’s more a selfish thing in the way that I really enjoy doing it and couldn’t do anything different. Sometimes I try to make rules for each album, sometimes is just getting into a mood or writing a lot of songs trying to find in what direction you want to go with your album -which might take a lot of time -, other times I just start to play and write and everything comes very fast… Now I am doing something with the computer, playing over the beats that I make… I never really go into the studio over for two days and have the song ready, I need to store that in my brain and work alone for a while.


Next year I will release a new album and I’m working with a producer which is very close to me and my family so I am really faithful and we are working a lot together, it’s a completely new thing but I’m doing fine. On the computer side I am trying new ways to play, it’s always fun to try different things. This is completely different from when I work with Seabear: being in a band you need to rehearse a lot together… It’s a completely different dynamics, now I think and play a lot alone, when you are playing together you need to play until you feel emotions together. I like both sides of it, but in this moment I need to focus more on the solo-thing: early next year I will release the album and tour a lot so it’s gonna take me the whole 2013. Sóley is working on a solo album too, so we will maybe have to wait until 2014… It’s weird to think so far ahead, but it’s impossible to concentrate and put the focus on more things at the same time, you need to proceed step by step.