Let’s say you are in Paris, France. You’re looking for the most exclusive club, aren’t you?

SILENCIO Club is a very special – would say unique – private club conceived and designed by filmaker David Lynch.

If you are wandering wether this club has something in common with the “Club Silencio” seen in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, well… You’ve got to discover that yourself.


Reykjavik Boulevard visited the Rue de Montmartre’s underground site, finding the experience very interesting. We went there during the Fashion Week, a very intense period of the year in the city.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, the club offered a wide range of artistic yet eclectic events: movie screenings, live shows, concerts, dj sets, food tastings and performances. “Gathering like-minded people”.


This is the secret of the Club, probably: trying to focus on a creative audience, bringing Paris’ nightlife to another level, a different dimension for curious and active people.

A quick example of what Silencio offered to the very selected members of its club in that week: Paris Fashion Week aftershow with Jean-Charles De Castelbajac, Rhye Live concert and a projection of Jean Pierre Dionnet’s Wolfen (1981). This is great stuff for connoisseurs.


Here’s a bunch of people we met whilst enjoying a very expensive Mojito or browsing a photography book or just giving the best on the dancefloor.

OSCAR, the manager

We walked downstairs from the main entrance, there were pictures on the wall – a photography temporary exhibition – and a main all dressed in suit was staring at one of them, a picture of the sky with pigeons flying. We started to talk about the quality of the picture, the possible meaning of it in the series hanging on the black walls and soon ended up talking about our businesses. He told us, with a very strong french accent, he was a manager looking for beautiful models in the club, as he said Silencio is full of them especially in the Fashion Week. We appreciated the interior design of the club, the textiles and textures and all the furnishings chosen by the american director known worldwide for the surrealist elements in his movies, sometimes put there to “disturb, offend or mystify” the audience, as a description of his work says. Well, that wasn’t the aim he had when he built up this place, because Silencio is a feast for the eyes. We approached the bar to order some drinks, and for Oscar’s joy – highly visible from his dilated eyeballs – we met a girl that of-course-yes was a model from Lithuania.


YULÌA, the model

Blonde, tall and blue-eyed, ça va sans dire, the little-black-dressed model from Lithuania shocked both of us by approaching the conversation with the malice of a feline, giving her the chance to “win” the first round: Oscar said that White Russian was on him. She was there with colleagues from the catwalk, enjoying the club for the umpteenth time, telling us that Silencio was the only interesting club remaining in Paris. “Maybe because it’s new” she said, Oscar just added: “Maybe because we can find you”.  At that time of the conversation, the better decision was to leave them disappearing on the dance floor to go sitting on the sofa close to the “art library” on another room. The card on the table said “Reserved”, but the sofa was empty and a book was desperately seeking an audience.


IAN and VALÉRIE, the couple

The were probably mesmerized by my Alexander McQueen’s skull bow-tie, standing in front of the low table and talking to each other. I invited them to sit and we started talking about the book I was holding. Ian – an american advertising specialist as he described himself – from New York City, told me that I shouldn’t think those were masterpieces just because on a fancy book. Thanks Ian! He started a very boring panegyric about his life, his great attitude and his no-role-models style, whilst Valerie was probably more interested in listening to the russian people sitting close by. She never spoke, she was not even introduced by Ian that only said Valerie was her name and he was her husband. I tried to act interested in Ian’s business but after five minutes – I swear resembling hours – I started staring at the beautiful shape of the room, the great lights disposition and the smart idea of having art books in a night club. From time to time I tried to sneak in the conversation of the table on my left, with no success.


VÉRONIQUE, the dancer

Veronique was the highlight of the night: she was dancing on the dance floor, close to the resident DJ of the night. I would say the music was the only downside of Silencio, which is a crazy figure of speech. Anyway, Véronique was there, dancing freely with her glass sipping her pink cocktail that reminded me the amazing ’80s scene. She moved gently yet provocative, she was dressed to impress but still very elegant. Immediately thought of a ballerina. She was. A dancer at the  “Ecole de Danse et ballet de l’Opéra national de Paris. She told me Silencio was a good place to find “beautiful people”, she went to Rhye concert and said she won’t ever be the same again after that. She invited me to smoke a ciggy in the “amazing smoking room” with growing trees, I accepted but once there she disappeared in the restroom.


?, the russian

After a short visit to the finest restroom in Paris, I was approaching the art library again when I was stopped by a russian man. He spoke a very poor english and not even a word in french. I tried to communicate somehow, he was really serious and smiled to me saying something like “Come here” with his hands. I followed him and he brought me to his table where I guess his birthday was being celebrated with Champagne and charming girls all around. I wouldn’t say he was a youngster, probably being closer to my dad’s age then mine, but the girl he was kissing was pretty young instead. I drunk the first glass and took a sit, then I realized the girl was actually Yulia, and the russian was not talking with his hands anymore, just using them another way. After another drink, cheering the unnamed man, I said “Dasvidania everybody” and went to the cloak room, where I collected back my jacket with a kind and warm smile from the “jolie fille” standing there. She gave me a black cardboard flyer with Membership requirements, rates and useful infos. She helped me calling a Taxi and I went to sleep dreaming of her smile. “Goodnight, Betty”.

Was that all a dream? I don’t know, but I sent the membership request straight away the morning after.

Photo Credits: © Alexandre Guirkinger • [A warm hug to Coralie Gauthier @Silencio for her kind and professional support]