Sidi-Omar Alami is a 21 years old French photographer based in Paris.

After one year in medicine school he decided to leave and start taking pictures. Since June 2014 he’s traveling around the World with his camera and a backpack. Meeting people, sharing incredible experiences and working as a photographer.

Is it possible? Does it sound like a dream? It definitely is: last summer he made a huge road trip (10 000 Miles = 16 000 Km) around the US roads by car with three friends. Afterwards, he’s been to Malaysia, Singapore, Hawaii, and finally Australia. Here’s a video in which he shares his experience and – what else? – freedom:

This is the short story behind the video shot in Australia:

One night I was alone with my backpack trying to find a place where to sleep, and I met 3 guys with their Van, they were german. I started to speak with them, and they invited me to make a road trip in the blue mountains (Australia) with them. Of course i accepted. In my video, I captured true moments of life, to show to people through the world how to be happy, how to share beautiful experiences.

I’m a simple person, I’m young, I’ve got lot of dreams, lot of them became true because I’m making lot of effort to catch them. You know, there is troubles and wars everywhere in this world and I’m so so sad about it. Today people are more and more depressed. This is my way of life since I started traveling, make people happy through my photos and my video. 


If you like Sidi-Omar story so far, check this exclusive photo gallery:

Win-johanna Water Storm-in-Mona-Vale Road-trip-amazing-Stars ramin-and-johanna paul's-feet-fire-christmas on-the-road-surf-omar Omar-sleeping-christmas night-Van-hendrik max's-going-to-surf Longboard-session Firee-australia-christmas -Christmas-night bird-fly-mona-vale all-around-fire