SASHA MOSKALETS is not just one of those beautiful new faces.

Sasha is a model, a musician, a traveler: she’s got the magic. And she’s not afraid to show it off.

We felt like getting lost in a dreamlike parallel reality when watched her images, and decided to feature her latest shooting in our Creative Guide for Curious People, and we are still dreaming. You can discover her story, know something more about Moscow and the contemporary Russia, find her words of love and devotion… You shouldn’t miss the chance to secure your very own copy of the visual inspiration manual from Reykjavik Boulevard.

Your first project, last project and future project: how would you describe them?

My first “project” was probably my work with the publishing house Burda. But I think this experience was a good push towards my passion for photography. People who surrounded me, the complexity of some of the filming, because of its features (I like sad faces, but in youth magazines you have to smile a lot etc.) taught me a lot.

Sasha Moskalets

My last project I – unfortunately or fortunately – cannot yet call completed. And actually, it’s not one project, but three.

The first project is a music band. Me, our sound producer Tara Moskalets and the singer Youla Led co-founded our band in summer 2013 to create something beautiful together….We called it Sewage Sour, and have 5 songs and do a bunch of covers. Russian language is inflexible and stiff, but it has a unique magic in its blood, that we distill with our music. If our sound could have a color, I bet it would be turquoise. Sewage Sour ‘s lyrics are full of mystification and craft, mythological creatures are flying between the lines. We decided to sing in the Russian language because it is very important to us  to tell, all over the world, about the beauty and originality of the Russian language.

I’m also shooting a puppet cartoon, which has no name yet. But the gist of it, is that whatever you do, everything will go on without you. The birds will sing, the ocean will still be wet, the trees will retain their green color. And even if the Earth explodes, the stars will stay where they are, and other celestial bodies will continue their journeys through boundless space. It is about the fact that we are just a tiny speck, in a large and beautiful world that would exist even when all else seems to disappear.

A couple of weeks ago I also began a series of paintings about loving your partner’s body. It’s not about my personal love, but about love in general. It is about unconditional acceptance of the body. I’ve always been annoyed by people who have some kind of “taboo” about sex, because it seems to me that if you do not give yourself up to the end, then why bother to have a close relationship with anyone. Therefore, in the paintings I try to show most vivid details and try to portray sexual relations between two people who are very close to each other, and to stress that all of the human body is beautiful, whatever it may be, and that you can love it with all of  your heart.

Sasha Moskalets

What do you find inspiring and how would you describe your lifestyle?

Maybe it’s too obvious, but more often than not, I am inspired by my feelings for Tara. Sometimes it is spiritual, sometimes it is about the physical aspect, as in the story with my paintings. And, of course, it’s very important to me to be proud of myself, my friends, my parents, and of Tara, respectively…

Sasha Moskalets Sasha Moskalets Sasha Moskalets

Regarding my lifestyle, I think the easiest thing to say is that I try not to miss any opportunities, grasping at anything and everything, and trying to bring everything to an end. Even some little things I never lose sight of. If someone asks me to shoot something – I’ll agree, offer to take part in the filming of the video – I’m always behind things, invited to participate in some crazy project – I’ll be there first. I often think that life is very short, and very soon I will not be 18 years old. My hair will turn grey, wrinkles will appear, forces will be less… Then I’ll do something less active, but interesting. But the main thing now – as long as there is power – is to not miss a chance.

What would you probably be today if you hadn’t followed your dreams of being a musician and a model, or what is your actual dream?

I think that doing this was inevitable. So it happens that I have always done and continue to do just what I like, and I like to create. Whether it be articles, photos, videos, pictures, music – I do not care, but I feel a need to do something new. I think this is my dream – to never stop creating, to always stay in motion.

sasha moskalets sasha moskalets on reykjavik boulevardSasha Moskalets on Reykjavik Boulevard

Artists and events: can you tell us the most interesting that you’ve found/experienced in your life until now?

To be honest, around me every day there are so many new and interesting things, that it’s difficult to single out just one. I guess I must talk about my delight at the latest party at Club Arma 17, where we were with our music group (Sewage Sour), but it’s difficult to say anything specific. Perhaps, I can just advise everyone who comes to visit Moscow to visit this wonderful place. There seems to be a whole new world of unusual music to get into.


The place where you were born, the place where you live, the best place where you traveled to: can you tell us something that only you know to describe them?

I was born and raised in Moscow, and I love this city, despite all its problems.

Now however, I’m trying to do everything in my power to move to Italy in a couple of years. It was the most wonderful, and most remembered journey in my life when I visited there. After a visit to Florence, I dreamed of the city for a few months. Honestly, tears always well up in my eyes when I think of these dreams. I was very happy there, and I felt at home. I can still remember the smells, the sounds, the faces of people that I saw there, in spite of the fact that I only stayed in Florence for three days. Hopefully this summer I’ll be back there along with Tara, and we will learn more about life there, about how much housing costs, and about all sorts of details. I am sure that sooner or later, we will find ourselves there.

Sasha MoskaletsSasha Moskalets

A few years ago, I was in Nepal. I vividly remember elephant safari – it was very exciting and a little scary. I’m fond of animals (we have seven pets at home), and it was just lovely to watch them in their own environment.