Some of our best memories of Iceland and Iceland Airwaves Music Festival  are linked to the band FM BELFAST.

Lóa Hlín Hjálmtýsdóttir, Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson, Árni Vilhjálmsson and Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason are the members of the band, but on stage they can reach up to 45 people depending on the venues.

We had the chit chat with them, Örvar wasn’t there but we got Egill Eyjólfsson, the super hero of the band: you can’t find another dancer like him in Iceland. Plus, Lóa and Árni’s little baby child was there, in a skeleton jumpsuit celebrating Halloween (the interview was set right before the soundcheck at Iðnó, on the third floor, a majestic old attic full of black and white pictures, old furnitures and walls that exuded history of music and theater). We can’t describe his cuteness.


Let’s start with the RVK BVD questions:


Árni V.: I really think a nice part of the town is Vesturbær.

Lóa: Venues… They disappear very fast! NASA: we had so much fun there, but it’s closed now.

Árni H.: It’s sad, it’s weird: we have a government that should preserve these things but they don’t. 

Lóa: Reykjavik is also known as “cultural city” but they don’t actually do anything for the people that culture brings here, they do it for the symphony, it’s a good thing, but that’s not the reason why people comes here. I think people probably come here more for Sigur Ros not for the theather. 

Árni H.: Yeah, probably they don’t focus too much on pop art. That’s it for the negative points. 

Lóa: My favorite place… it is hard to pick up one, I think the downtown area is all very nice. 

[Lóa looks at Árni and says something in icelandic holding their lovely child; Árni tells us: “Someone pooped, guess who”! We start smiling whilst Lóa goes with the baby to the toilet to change him and I say “So, it was her”! Everybody in the room starts laughing hard, after few seconds we hear a huge laugh from the toilet: Lóa! So much fun!]



Árni H.: Lights. It’s very important to link lights with music in our show, people that comes to our shows have both eyes and ears and it’s good to have something interesting for the eyes also. it’s visually pleasing. 

Árni V.: We are also dancing on stage, funny dances nothing professional… Except Egill, he’s a great dancer!

Árni H.: We also decorate the stage…

Árni V.: …Something like a birthday party, or just a huge party anyway.

Árni H.: The light-bulbs will blink with the music, reacting to the beats…

Árni V.: …The audience should enjoy it 100%.

[Lóa comes back with the baby, smiling]

Lóa: Talking about artists that we encourage you to check, Sara Reil is a very good one, she made the huge mushrooms on the wall here in downtown Reykjavik. Well, Inga Birgisdóttir, she’s well know because she made the cover for Sigur Ros album Valtari.

[Lóa finally sais: “No one pooped”! And, Egill: “Ok, just fart”! Another explosion of smiles!]



Lóa: Unplanned, accidental, random.

Árni V.: Surprising, unexpected.

Árni H.: None of us really planned this career…

Lóa: …We got actually invited to play this festival six years ago…

Árni V.: …We didn’t even have a real “band” at the time, we just played few songs for fun…

Lóa: …The guy who was coordinating the festival asked us to play and we were really… “Wow”!

Árni H.: We needed to rehearsing a lot everyday to have something to play, and it was a very great performance! 



Árni H.: Hot Chip’s show, they were kind of new… No one really knew them and it was crazy, a good show.

Árni V.: Kid Koala, a long long time ago!

Lóa: There was an accidental secret show / after party with a lot of musicians really drunk singing: I will never do it again. That was a funny and nice moment to remember.


Árni V.: It’s enough for the downtown area, they should start building hotels outside. It’s not nice to visit a place where you can see only hotels. 

Lóa: And people coming here for the festivals is coming and staying in hostels, not in fancy hotels anyway. 

Árni H.: I have a funny thing though: recently, people that I might call tourists, maybe twice in a week walked in front of our house and took pictures of the Hallgrimmskirkja, we live real close to it. Then, they took pictures of me, washing dishes or just chilling at home… From the window! Like “Hey, a viking in the wild”! It’s fun.

Me: Well, probably it was me I can’t assure!




Lóa: I don’t really want to “control” that. One guy got a tattoo thinking a lyric talked about him… sometimes it can get weird.

Árni V.: It’s up to people, really. We hope they can have fun.

Árni V.: Last long tour one person came to three shows in a row, travelling a lot and it was very nice…

Lóa: …Yes, we like to communicate with them a lot on the Facebook. This is great.

Egill: It’s nice to see when people get connected with us on our shows, having fun and participating, dancing and singing, that’s the best part of it, you get a lot of energy from the crowd and you get more energy for yourself too.