2012 we spent New Year’s Eve in Reykjavik, Iceland.

2013 we decided to celebrate art and dedicate ourselves to a hidden little treasure in Italy: Rovereto.

Rovereto (45°53′N 11°3′E) is a city in northern Italy (Trentino Region) and it was an ancient fortress town standing at the frontier between the bishopric of Trento – an independent state until 1797 – and the republic of Venice. Everything in the city is pretty close: you can reach Rovereto with the trains of Trenitalia and find everything at an easy walking distance from the station. We did not chose this region only because of the delicious food, we decided to visit Rovereto mostly because it is home of (probably) the only virtuous museum in Italy: the MART (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto).


MART, apart from the interesting temporary collections (see our Instagram page for images taken inside the museum), contains more than 15.000 contemporary and modern artworks, featuring artists such as De Chirico, Morandi and Fortunato Depero. In this case, a whole part of the museum (the “Casa d’arte futurista Depero”) is dedicated to this artist – one of the main examples of italian futurism – born in a town close to Rovereto. We were fascinated by his work and really get inspiration and motivation visiting his house-museum.

Rovereto is for sure on a different path from the classic tourist’s destinations (even if you are not that far from Verona or Venice) but we have to admit that a visit to this town can give you more than many other places. MART museum is a place to “live”, not only to visit. The staff decided to give a lot of importance to the experience, so everybody can find it interesting (there are also interesting paths for blind or deaf people, together with a lot of hi-tech features for all kind of visitors). You can actually purchase a combined ticket that will give you the chance to visit both the MART and the “Casa d’arte futurista Depero” at a very fair price. Plus, you can take pics inside the museum, and the social media path of the whole structure is impressive. The whole experience is much more than just a visit, you can actually bring back home way more than what you see. And that’s a good way to encourage visits and increase interest within the art field in Italy, a Country that is rich of masterpieces but tends to be oriented to the past without an eye on the future. Rovereto is an exception on this, and having a part of the museum dedicated to “futurism” is just a perfect coincidence.

The city offers much more to the day-tourist: it is worth a visit to the Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra (War historical museum), mostly because its unique location inside the stunning fortified castle. Moreover you will find plenty of interesting sights and activities on the Official Website of Rovereto. Here you can find our photo-reportage, realized by Nccl Sclf with his dark photographic technique from his “Paint it black” ongoing project (already used in Iceland and Belgium). Tell us what you think and feel free to ask for more information!

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