RINAT SHINGAREEV calls himself the “Best Artist Alive“.

This irreverent yet provoking Russian designer for sure is a brave and talented one. With his oil on canvas portraiture, he depicts the world revealing his ideas with no fear.

His favorite subjects? Pop icons and politicians, with an attitude: from the american “super heroes” Barack (as Captain America) and Michelle Obama (as Wonder Woman) to the blood spilling Statue of Liberty. From “crowned heads” such as Queen Elizabeth II (with diamonds and ribbons), Michael Bloomberg (with NYC Taxis) and Madonna (with bullets), to Vladimir Putin holding the world (!!!) or a “Ceasar’s” version of Silvio Berlusconi going through the italian pop icons Lapo Elkann, Belen Rodriguez and why not, Flavio “The Boss” Briatore. From Michael Jackson (a dark angel between zombies) to Jay-Z (an exclusive unpublished portrait for Reykjavik Boulevard) the art of Rinat Shingareev is taking the whole cake and we are very glad to introduce him to our readers.

Rinat Shingareev

We decided to ask Rinat a few questions, just to appease our curiosity!

When did you decide to follow your artistic spirit and started to paint?

By my nature I’m a creative person, I have to constantly create something. If I hadn’t devoted myself to painting, I would have definitely become a writer or a musician. In any case I would need some way to release my creative energy. I can’t say exactly when I started to practice my art, it’s just always been inside of me. And I just made this choice in the direction of art at a certain point of my life.

Is there any subject of your paintings that you are particularly fond of?

I wouldn’t want to single out any of my work, as in each of them I put heart and soul. Although the process of creating any new work inspires me so much that I consider the last one the best, because I see my professional growth in the artistic technique and in the realization of the idea.

Are there any consequences in paint those subjects? Did you receive any comment from them?

Yes, I received comments from some subjects of my works and at the moment it was only positive feedback. I was lucky to meet some of them and also to do some work on commission for them.

What would you like to communicate with your art?

I believe that art is a universal means of communication, which unites people with different culture, religion and traditions. Through my work I just refer to the whole world, revealing my thoughts and ideas. And I am sure that I can change the world for the better, by changing the inner world of one person.

Technically speaking, how do you realize your artworks?

All my works are painted in oil on canvas. For me it’s the most convenient material thanks to which I can create lights and shadows, various contrasts and render million shades of one color. Various transitions in my work and unexpected color combinations help in the best way to describe my subject and also reveal all the details of his character.

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