Riccardo La Valle is a photographer from Milan, Italy.

Young and talented, introspective and conceptual.

These are the first four words that come into my mind if I take a quick look of Riccardo’s pictures.


I would love to go deeper, to make it complicated and to dig until I find the flair that gives the huge light to such works; but for the moment, for the first sight and this little meeting with the artist, I will stay on the surface and will let talk the photographer about this exclusive editorial in particular.

So, we have the pleasure to introduce you Riccardo La Valle and this is his perspective of the following pictures.

The photos were born because of a need to research the detail, the moment I usually neglect during my shoots because I am involved into creating the narration of the movements and faces. For this reason I chose to collaborate with Cristina Biella, the lady who produces various objects between clothes’ pieces or jewelry, trying to involve her into my vision of the narrative detail, single pictures composed by symbolic elements which can tell an entire story in a unique frame. Once we found our meeting point I decided to create a route between three elements grounded by the nature, I mean, skin, bones and flowers, a kind of visual representation of Haiku, a story in three verses about mankind, about life and nature. So these photos are the completion of this route, an inner need to express the private detail of the context, pure subject.

IMG_6929 IMG_7061 IMG_7075 IMG_7183 IMG_7246 IMG_7379 tg

All pics by Riccardo La Valle © All rights Reserved // Text and Translation by Nina Sever