Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of our favorite sports.

It’s probably something more. It’s probably something between sport and art. 

Music, emotions, movements, muscles, smiles, dance, flexibility, synchronicity, power, jumps, choreographies, counts, clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon, rope, friendship, routines, ballet, gym, time, points, tears, judges, leaps, balances, pirouettes, apparatus, floor, balance, strength, power, coordination, agility, dexterity, endurance, team, pressure, ethic… And love. And guess what? Rhythmic Gymnastics is even more, you can’t describe it with your own words. You must watch it, or better: play it.

rhythmic gymmastics

We have a very passionate friend that is truly madly in love with Rhythmic Gymnastics, he’s a talented Japanese photographer called Takayuki Murakami and he decided to travel all the way to Italy – a Country he really loves – to take part to the Rhythmic Gymnastics National A1 Competition in Desio, close to Milan.

He made a long trip, full of hopes and excitement, he made new friends and met the athletes, and most of all: he made tons of pictures to the beautiful gymnasts competing in the most important competitions at national level.

Here you can find a preview of what he documented with his photo-reportage from Desio, if you want to watch more please check our dedicated GALLERY in our Fanpage! Lose your head for Rhythmic Gymnastics, it’s worth it!

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All pics are © Takayuki Murakami – All rights Reserved