The beauty of the Aegean coast, both on the Greek and on the Turkish side it’s not at all a secret (remember PAMUKKALE?).

The salty and calm sea, the coast whose beaches filled with incredibly thin and white sand are alternate with rocks and mountains which give us the feeling of jumping directly into the blue of the water from a height that is sometimes less high than it looks like.

The sea is salty, very salty, and you could see your skin getting sparkly and white while drying under the incredibly warm sun after a nice swim in that beautiful, calm sea. But even if the sun bites, a fresh breeze is always there to make the scenario even nicer and more enjoyable. Another good aspect of the Turkish Aegean coast is that despite offering a very wide range of places and scenario, you wouldn’t be able to tell which place is the most beautiful one, or even if there was one less beautiful than all the others. It’s magic, everywhere you go.

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Anyways, if you’d like to add to the beauty of the nature the kind of relax that only a beach club could give you, there are some of them which deserve to be mentioned.

An example would be Cafe Pi in Cesme, sea location one hour away from the city of Izmir and directly connected with a bus.

Cesme is a lovely small town whose beaches are, of course, beautiful but which is also famous for its beach clubs. The best two are Marrakech, with its white couches and palms all around, and Cafe Pi, where “Pi” means the letter of the Greek alphabet that everyone knows.


Big pillows, super comfortable couches, walkways on the sea where to sunbathe or jump into the fresh water. If you lie on them, the calm waves of the sea will give you the feeling of being on a boat, which is completely relaxing and nice.


At night, Cafe Pi becomes a club, but you would be able to enjoy music and drinks since the beginning of the evening, when the sun goes down and the Djs come out to play.

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Cafe Pi may not be the most famous place where to go, which makes it even better as tourists don’t usually get here and that means that the locals and international people who live in Turkey will be your company during the day and the night, but it’s for sure the best ever for a relaxing yet fun day and night.

Text and pics by: Carlotta Buosi

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