There are two Swedish guys and a Norwegian girl behind this curious moniker: POSTILJONEN.

Postiljonen are Joel Nyström Holm, Daniel Sjörs and Mia Bøe, and trust us: the music they produce is probably the greatest dream pop recently released in Scandinavia. Formed in 2011 the band recorded one album titled Skyer (2013) and a remix EP titled All That We Had Is Lost (2014) where they incorporated sound bites from a variety of movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s together with their lyrics.

Listening to Postiljonen is like listening to the sound of the Sun chasing the Moon in an eternal run where seasons will pass before the eyes with a warm to calm your soul.


Just push play to the following video and take a look at the stunning images Postiljonen post in their official Instagram. They really have the power to take you somewhere else, with a mature architecture of elements balancing with your emotions, whilst winter comes…

Postiljonen are young but they produce mature electronic sounds mixed with saxophones and delicate voices, like mermaids singing to rescue you – or to take you away with them. As Greetings From (an interesting Swedish indie-music TV platform aiming to discover the personal sides of emerging artists through intimate live sessions and interviews recorded in stunning locations around Stockholm) once wrote:

Postiljonen make music for your night ride home – while the sun starts burning blue shades away and euphoric dance rhythms are still echoing in your head.

I bet you can agree now.