Magazine issue 1 @rvkbvd

Autumn 2013

In this issue we introduce the following talented emerging artists

From ICELAND – ÍRiS, Asta Olafsdottír, Sísý Ey

From the UK – Nick Miners, Laura Cammarata, Umit Koseoglu, Eleonora Meneghini, Laurie McCall

From FRANCE – Nicolas Le Forestier

From ITALY – Claudio Parentela, Gabriele Papi, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Giorgia Fagà, Marco Mengoni

From GERMANY – Ellen Allien

From the NETHERLANDS – Isabelle Wenzel


From RUSSIA – Oleg Dou, Anastasia Belotskaya

From JAPAN – Fumi Yamamoto

From the USA – Selebrities

From AFGHANISTAN – Selene Biffi

From EGYPT – Christina Nashed