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It was late July, just a few days before the beginning of another hot August in Japan. I run into @NuMoney85 Instagram profile and found out she was the manager of Thursday nights’ nightlife at Club Muse in Roppongi, a very exclusive and fashionable district of Tokyo. We got in touch and decided to meet there for a quick interview and to experience the “Maneater” once. I was really looking forward to discover more about Japanese subcultures, or at least find people thinking out of the box: I was lucky enough, because she was born in Kyoto but lived in Las Vegas for a while, then worked in London and Singapore, so she had the best profile to speak english, being open-minded and stylish enough to share her thoughts with an international magazine.


I reached Nishi-Azabu crossing and found pretty easily this peculiar underground Club in the late evening. A few rules: the entry is forbidden to <24, there’s a strict dress code (also no men on the army admitted), you must present a valid ID and business card to get in and last but not least the entrance fee (for men) is approx. 3500 Yen. I got in and suddenly metManami – this is the real name of the former model and founder of the Maneater itself -: she showed me the interiors of the subterranean with caves and ravines, animalier swings, a well stocked bar and some illustration framed on the walls, in addition to mirrors, tables and a dancefloor supervised by a DJ whom was already spinning some music.


We shared a drink or two and started talking about Maneater, the group of models and girls coming from different cities of Japan to “have fun and make some money”. Yu-Ko, $erena, Coco, Dian… Fictitious names for real sexy ladies together since 2007 in the Japanese entertainment business. But what’s this business like and what do they really do, all dressed in bikinis and lingerie leaving little to imagination? Pretty simple: the girls dance, have fun, strut their stuff on the bar and talk with the clients, group of folks reunited to celebrate something like a birthday, a job advancement or whatever, and lonely men maybe just in need to share some good relaxed spare times with a beautiful model, dancer, confidant. And the girls are pretty,oh: so pretty. And they dance, oh: they dance!


I see 1000 Yen bills folded and tucked in their bras, and decide to ask Manami something more about it: she tells me those are“tips”, and as a matter of a fact, they are very happy to receive some baksheesh for their time spent with each client. Of course, she tells precisely, there’s no sex involved, absolutely. First of all they are dancers, and you can have a proof of that waiting for a little coral show they put on at around midnight. So, if a client wants to tip for that, or for the lucky chance to have a beautiful girl aside, no problem no harm. This can be a side-job for them, and Maneater doesn’t only mean nightclubbing, but is also a collective working in the promotion of events, summer beach festivals, shows and much more.


There’s a privée in the basement, but I had no access to it. What I saw is that if a table orders a bottle of Champagne (or similar) gets a special little introduction by three or four girls, coming all the way around the dancefloor dancing and moving with feline movements to bring the bottle in the ice bucket from which stands out a tiny firework to add some sparkle to the already twinkling moment. Of course I had no chance to take pics to any of the clients, but what I was able to do is a little reportage documenting the beginning of the Maneater night, with some girls giving their best in front of the camera, playing with each other, sharing some sake-gel love shots and most of all having great fun together, the real meaning of Maneater.


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