POLINA RABTSEVA is a NYC-based talented photographer. She’s beautiful, she’s young, she’s living the dream.

The words you can find in her “about” section on her Pollyshot website are awe inspiring:

Chasing the dream with strong belief that feelings are stronger than knowledge 

Neverboring, always staying true to myself, making every shot with excitement while holding my breath and counting every heartbeat, capturing the sounds the taste the breath and the soul of the scene. 

Neverthesame, always ready to get to the the most crazy places to make the perfect shot, ready for challenge and adventure, ready for meeting new people and making their stories unforgettable.

Alwaysloving, I truly love what I do and for me there is no grater passion in life then to reach for the unique photo each time I shoot.

We feel like we are really connected with her way of living her passions, photography and all that surrounds traveling and loving life.

This time she delighted us with a flawless, stunning fashion editorial shot in New York, right at one of our all-time-favorite places: The Carousel set on the East River in Brooklyn Bridge Park (Jane’s Carousel).

Polina Rabtseva

Here’s a short description of the project, together with the mesmerizing images Polina shot on a style and beauty concept by Alina Pashaeva featuring model Linda Harleman:

The Carousel is a beautiful metaphor of living in the city.

And there is no other place in the world where you can experience living life the way you do in NYC.

We dedicate this series to those of you who have the courage to be a New Yorker.

Find the complete editorial in our GALLERY!


Photography by Polina Rabtseva

Style and beauty concept by Alina Pashaeva

Modeling by Linda Harleman 

Thank you New York for the inspiring spring and {Janes’s Carousel}