We fly to Australia! One of the best known artist of this fascinating country is PATRICIA PICCININI.

She was born in Freetown (Sierra Leone) in 1965, grew up in Canberra (Australia) and she is now working and living in Melbourne.

She mixes with an extraordinary naturalness the complexity of technology and the simplicity of nature, inspecting the border line between these two things.

Her curiosity started while she was drawing inside a medical museum and she was discovering how are interesting organs and pathologies. You can describe her sculptures either as cute or repugnant: they create in you a bitter-sweet feeling. Her extraordinary ability is not just the capacity of turning all of these imaginative creatures into a surprising hyperrealist way but also of putting inside strange animals, usually similar to mice, the feelings of a human being. The viewer will be hypnotized by a “monster” who has the sweetness of a baby or the sadness in the eyes as a lonely old man retired in a hospice. In a lot of her installations weird creatures and humans meet each other, creating frozen moments of pure love and sweetness.


In these days the Piccinini’s art runs all over the world for the Skywhale that she realized to celebrate the 100th birthday of her adoptive city: Canberra. Patricia is one of the rare artist that can surprise you every time.









Text by: Carolina Gestri