Pamukkale is a small town not far from the Aegean coast of Turkey, more or less three hours away from the city of Izmir.

But what this place is mostly known for is the natural park outside town which comprehend the mount of Pamukkale.

The scenario is the one of a surreal land, thanks to this peak made of limestone and therefor completely white which is in the middle of a very dried and Mediterranean vegetation whose colors are much different. But Pamukkale is not incredible just because of the strange effect given by this very white mountain in the middle of nothing, but because on the mountain itself flows water.


All over the path, climbing it, water comes down, an flows all around obliging the visitors to take off their shoes and walk on it getting their feet wet and fresh. The water becomes warmer and warmer going to the top as it’s incredibly warm when it comes out from a sort of natural fountain in the top and then releases its warmth to the stone coming down.


Some of it flows until the bottom of the mount, but most of it stays in the natural pools that are all over the climb. Inside of the pools, the melt is a natural beauty cure and that’s why the visitors stop on their way to get inside of the pool, refresh or get warmer depending on the height they reached and have some melt bath with all its benefits.


Getting to the top, the vegetation changes again and if you went on walking inside of the hill, you’d see a very old building in front of you: it’s a Greek theatre, perfectly preserved and open to visitors. From the top of the staircase, you’d get a complete view of Pamukkale mountain, its pools and the panorama in front of it from behind, which is absolutely breathtaking.


Climbing Pamukkale is a sort of surreal experience, which makes you feel regenerate not only because of the benefits that the body takes from walking on limestone for one day, do melt baths and lay under the sun, but also because the contact with the stone, the water, the mountain itself gives you a feeling of deeper contact with the nature which translates in a feeling of peace and wellness.

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Pics and text by: Carlotta Buosi