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We suggest you to have a look there for many reasons! Ottod’Ame flagship store is located in Florence very city center (Via della Spada, 19r): the location is incredible, it is a little jewel in the Cradle of Renaissance.


The young and active owners just opened a new store in Paris (Ottod’Ame, Rue de Poitou, 35 – Marais) and they are planning new smart openings!

There was a big opening ceremony a couple of weeks ago, the atmosphere was just… Magic.

Watch the event’s GALLERY!


Shopping at Ottod’Ame is not just shopping, it’s an experience that you can’t miss. The Florentine store opened in 2011 with glam guests and Pitti Immagine Uomo‘s people literally enthusiast of the opening party.

Take a look of that night’s VIDEO.

The name, “Ottod’Ame” encloses different meanings: 8 like the 8 letters, 8 like the infinity, 8 like eight women.  They describe their brand as a breath of life that energizes, refreshes and renews. An elegant but contemporary brand. Also their stores reflect this philosophy, with a scent of the past mixed with a modern touch. This is their vision:

A magical number
the vital breath,
An open formula,
the infinite journey.
Towards lightness.
In things, into the world.
Otto d’ame. Eight women.
Who infuse the soul,
who put heart
in what they do.
Who put body,
that bring life
to a delicate dream.
The beauty from within.
Eight years.
Of vision and history.
around thinking and seeking,
feeling and composing
the traces of a flavour, hidden,
of a secret motif.
Eight minutes.
For a ray of sunlight that reaches our face, caressing it.
Eight hours.
For a day that runs slowly through to night.
Eight faces.
For a story that tells us of everyone and no one.
Eight steps.
For a letter that becomes something else.
Eight ways.
For a life that finds its path.

Ottod’Ame uses fabrics and patterns that bind us to a past to explore, like silent witnesses of meetings, debates and hugs. Ottod’Ame uses parts of historical clothing to create new ones, to create unique pieces, different from each others.

The brand Ottod’Ame transmits a Jump Culture”: a journey through what it was and what it is, reinterpreted with originality. Also the labels remember us the uniqueness of their pieces, all numbered and handwritten, they seem sewed by the loving hands of our mothers.

Also the packaging is unique: each piece is hold in a numbered custom fabric bag, with a rhyme that smells of “talcum powder and chocolate to melt in milk”.


The women who wear Ottod’Ame are rock and romantic, hippie and glamour, bon ton and sporty, playing with natural instincts and different styles.

The past blends sweetly with the present. They are always protagonist and choose to transmit every day their femininity.

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By: Teresa Vitartali