A couple of days ago we had a lovely, little insight into an Icelandic group whose presence is gradually making its progress in the Icelandic music scene. The band consists of three talented young women, Þorbjörg Ósk, Brynja and Berglind. At the moment, the group doesn’t have a formal name but goes by Ósk og Brynja, a reference to the original two founders of the band. We talked to the latest member, Berglind, who joined last spring and has been playing with the others since. Berglind’s talents can be heard through the clarinet, melodica and maracas. The group has been performing this past year both locally and internationally.

In August the girls toured through Eastern Europe, which proved an exciting and life-changing experience. They made their first appearance in Poland where they played a couple of gigs and only stayed a short while. Further on, after almost missing their train, they arrived in Prague. They spent three days in this grand and beautiful city, assuming both the roles of tourists and musicians, playing a total of two gigs. Berglind remembers particularly their performance on a riverbank at a unique outdoor café, where the crowd grew bigger and bigger as pedestrians walking along the bank stopped to hear the music, tantalized by the gentle, folksy tunes of the trio. Overtime the audience could be seen swaying and grooving jovially to the pleasant sounds.

From there, the group proceeded to Slovakia, where they stayed for approximately 10 days, playing a total of 5 shows. This included a radio show where the girls played on air. Berglind was even asked to perform in a Slovakian children’s movie which she was more than happy to do. On the whole, the tour was a magnificent experience which these three will not forget any time soon. We asked Berglind a couple of questions in regards to the tour, which can be seen here below:

What would you say was the highlight of your trip?

Berglind: Absolutely everything. It was such an interesting experience. We lived such a different lifestyle. We were without a home, everything was unpredictable, and nothing was permanent. It gave me a bit of a different perspective of things.

And do you see yourself playing more in the near future?

Berglind: I hope so! It will probably be mostly domestic from now on, for the time being. At local cafes, and so on.

What can we expect from this band?

Berglind: Well, we went to a studio in Slovakia and recorded a couple of songs, so there is progress in that area.

Lastly, what is the ultimate goal?

Berglind: Right now it is all about going with the flow. We have no plans for fame it’s just fun and games at this moment in time. You can never know, really, what the future holds.

We see a bright future for Ósk og Brynja and look forward to hearing some more of their sounds. We will definitely keep a tab on them in the months to come and hope to see them perform somewhere around Reykjavik. Treat yourself to the lovely compositions of these three talented girls and have a listen!

Text by Hekla Egils • Pic by: Michal Tallo © All rights reserved