Under the musical project Monochromie, we have the French composer Wilson Trouvé.

His new 11-tracks-album is called: ‘Colors in the dark’ and was released in mid August 2013 through Time Released Sound and thanks to Will Bolton.

The tracks belong to an ambient and post rock music sphere and are able to embed and weave different melodic textures. The title of the album speak out because the songs allow you to play somehow with colors and darkness at the same time.
From gloomy landscapes till the soft power of tides, crashing on the shore at sunset.


Each song’s unique and connects minimalism with classical, using pianos and a variety of other instruments which lend echoes and give off light to the gathering notes. Imagination can simply explode.

Melancholy is at its highest point, but not in a negative meaning. Evocative, emotive and nostalgically instruments and electronic beats, treat you like the most beautiful music can do. The gift of this artist is the ability of capturing a certain atmosphere and mood, then giving shape to them, through the power of his sounds.


The release will be available in two versions. The first in 100 limited copies, and the version in 200 copies in a standard 4 panel Digipack. This album is recommended to the ones looking for a ray of sun coming through the window in a winter morning.

Text by: Andra Munteanu