MODIKO is a Sarajevo based “Association of Fashion Workers and costume designers”.

We spoke with Gasha Miladinović a member of the association.

Gasha was born in Sarajevo, she studied fashion styling in London at Istituto Marangoni. When she moved back to Sarajevo in 2007, Gasha has brought her London spirit with her and since 2011 she has partnered up with her childhood friends to open up an interior design studio and showroom. Gasha is an active member of MODIKO association as stylist, project coordinator and consultant.

-Modiko- London Photo Vanja Lisac-53

Modiko is a social organization with members who voluntarily share common interests: fashion and costume design. In the association collaborate Bosnian and Herzegovinian people who work in various fields: costume design, fashion design, fashion styling, fashion photography, fashion journalism and much more. Everyone who has a little place in the heart for fashion can join the association. The association encourages the potentials of the members and promotes the developing and the raising of the level of fashion in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And they are doing it right! Recently they also exhibited in London. Have a look at their works with these pictures of their new shooting and find more in the words of Gasha:

When did everything start and what are your goals?

Modiko is a collective of fashion industry professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, comprising some of the country’s leading fashion and costume designers, stylists, fashion photographers, and hair/make-up artists, many with notable international credentials.

The collective was established in 2010 as an open platform, with the principal aim of providing a unified facilitating framework for its members to aid them in drawing out their creative potential and provide structural instruments for their further individual development, as well as that of the country’s nascent but vibrant fashion industry as a whole. This includes the provision of enhanced promotional and presentational capabilities, both locally and internationally, and the enablement of further training and educational opportunities. Further, the collective aims to promote the potential of the fashion business as an instrument for the rejuvenation of the local artisanal and textile industries.

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How many of you are in the association?

Currently Modiko has 25 members that are fashion designers, costume designers, stylists, photographers, hair and make up artists, fashion journalists and bloggers.

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How is to work in the fashion field in your country?

MODIKO members are all renowned individuals in their own right. In a country such as Bosnia & Herzegovina  however, where the fashion industry as such is virtually non-existent, there is just no support for its development. This has forced us to join together in order to try and change things, and be the starting point for a new generation of fashion professionals. This is not so unusual in a post-conflict society, the Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers was formed in the United Kingdom during the Second World War. We see ourselves in a similar situation – individual designers and professionals coming together to create a new fashion force. We are functioning as a single body, with a unique response to a common problem.

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Fashion as a cultural and social phenomenon is an excellent medium of communication with other communities, and can serve as a universal language through which we want to communicate with the world. With this presentation we want to communicate our position in society today, feeling the full weight of the past. MODIKO nurtures a specific approach to fashion, primarily through the fact that the designers are creating unique pieces. We feel we are at the border of art and design, honouring individuality, which is less and less common in today’s market, awash with mass production. This is also one of the reasons MODIKO survives in a market where there is no industry. 

Tell us something about your projects! 

Since its inception, the Modiko collective has organized numerous fashion shows and events and has been extensively and positively covered by the local media. Other notable milestones include a collective show at the leading regional fashion showcase Fashion Hr. Industry (Zagreb, Croatia, 2011), and the hosting of Modiko HD, a series of seminars and workshops featuring a number of prominent UK fashion film directors and designers (Sarajevo 2012, held in conjunction with the British Council); in the aftermath of this event Modiko went on to produce the first fashion films to come out of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We opened the MODIKO Showroom in Sarajevo, the first of its kind in B&H. This is a place where you can look at all the latest collections, buy them and also mingle with the designers.

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About your exhibition in London, why did you choose this city?

Our exhibition “Hang On” was part of the International Fashion Showcase, a project initiated by British Council in London. Since we have been partners with our local British Council, and they have supported us with our project MODIKO HD, we got a chance to represent fashion talent from  Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Photo Credits

Exhibition photo by Vanja Lisa


Photo: Claire Rosen

Styling: Gasha Miladinović

Hair: Ensar Dervišbegović

Make up: Maja Talović

Model: Aida Đapo

Photo 1

Green skirt and net top by Neva

Grey skirt worn as cape by OSH YOSH

Flowers by Lena

Photo 2

Black and gold dress by Ata Omerbašić

Green dress with big collar by OSH YOSH

Photo 3

White skirt worn as dress by Ata Omerbašić

Photo 4

Green dress and black cape by Amna Kunovac Zekić

Photo 5 

Golden Dress and blue hat by Jasna Hadžimehmedović Bekrić

Grey dress by Ljilja

Belt my Amna Kunovac Zekić

White coat and flowers by Lena

Text by: Teresa Vitartali