MISS COMPLEJO is a photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She describes her city as a cluster of skyscrapers that links every single person to each other.

A really romantic way of considering a place to live and you can feel it coming out from her pictures, a bit melancholic stories of every face she encounters on her way to future memories to keep safe.


Where are you from? Which is the best thing about your country? What is the thing you would love to change?

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was born here and lived here my whole life.

What I love about Argentina is all the different kind of places you can find, from mountains, beaches, even waterfalls and fields.

I love how people customize these spaces, making them their own.

Buenos Aires is a very big city, full of buildings, living here is really nice, but there’s always a need of keeping in touch with nature. If I could change something about it, I would like to have more green spaces.


What is special about Buenos Aires? What is special to you?

Buenos Aires is special because is the city that’s been holding me my whole life.

I love it so much for having grown here and I see how it changed through the time.

The architecture you can find here has always caught my eye.

(Luckily) Some buildings and neighborhoods can still be found where you can appreciate richness and detailed constructions.


What is your wish place?

I still haven’t had the opportunity to travel as much as I wish, I still have a lot of places to know in my country.

If I had to pick a place to know, that would be Canada, I find their landscapes so dreamy.


What inspires you the most to create?

I am very inspired by people (either getting to know them, their thoughts, what they do, what surrounds them).

The nature, music, cinema, colors, daily life, love and pain.


What kind of people you love to shoot? Is there any peculiarity you look for in a model?

I love to photograph people I don´t know.

The fact of taking pictures of unknown persons for me, and having never seen them before makes me more aware of anything they do.

Everything about those people is new to me. I get to know them as I photograph them.

I think that what I mostly seek in people is their gestural, I want to find something about them that makes them unique.


And what about the details? What do you think of while shooting the details?

In general I am aware of body parts that attract my attention more.

This thing changes according to each person, since everyone is different there are always new things to find.

I like hands a lot, as well as eyes, backs, necks.

I try to find features that make the person standing out without showing their faces necessarily.


What is your strength? What is the thing that keeps you going on about photography?

I think that people is what keeps me constantly taking pictures.

The fact of knowing people, creating moments, memories, is something that I’m attracted by.

Being in motion and in a constant search is something that makes me keep going.

Mi photography was born to get over a grief, even years later, I still think it’s that way. I get to leave feelings behind me. It’s a catharsis.


Do you ever listen to the music while taking pictures? What kind of atmosphere do you need to make an image?

Yes, I always listen to the music, especially while editing; generally full albums and while photographing I try to do so as well.

I let the person I’m photographing to chose the music, or, in some cases, I ask them to prepare a playlist in advance.

I try to generate an intimate atmosphere, a peaceful feeling.

Both, the photographed person and I should be relaxed, gaining some confidence towards each other (that’s also one of the reasons I prefer to go to their homes, their contexts).


Are you trying to transmit something with your photos? Or you just make them not for a particular reason?

For me pictures are related to what I feel, to my life. Always, since I’ve started, I’ve tried to left something more than simplicity.

I live photography with a direct connection to my heart, otherwise I would feel I’m leaving something that gives me emptiness.


Do you have a dream? Something you would love to do instead of photography…

I started photographing as soon as I finished college, as if it was something that was inevitably waiting for me, and actually I cannot imagine myself living without it.

Besides that, I would like to return to my career and work as an apparel designer.


Tell us something about the series of people with the skyscrapers background! What is the story of these images?

I’ve always been inspired by nature, but since I didn’t have much chances of photographing it, I focused on the city.

When I started to take pictures of people I didn’t notice peculiar things about the places people lived, thing I by the way begun to notice after a while.

We live in a huge city, surrounded by buildings that rise above us, many meters above, and this fact unites us, despite the peculiarities and the differences you may find in each house.

We’re all part of this, you just have to look up to see that.