Mikael Lind // Visionary, kind and faded.

Three words to sum up the idea behind Mikael Lind’s latest album, Unsettled Beings.

It’s much more than pure ambient music, it’s a work of art. It will be released in two versions. Digipack and Deluxe.

One of them is giving you the idea of owing a piece of Iceland, despite Mikael’s Swedish origins.

Twelve page book of photographs bound in an antique book cover, all sewn carefully together.

Most of these pages are hand burnt, and overlaid with “unsettled beings” characters drawn by the well known Icelandic illustrator, Sigga Bjorg Sigurdardottir, who also recently did all the interior drawings for the new Sigur Ros release.


In each package is also an original polaroid print of Mikael taken in Iceland, a translucent envelope with dried Icelandic leaves and flowers, a hand printed insert, antique Icelandic stamps, and a small, strung hourglass vial full of Icelandic Poppy seeds. Lovely combination between innovation and tradition.

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The core of the album is a mix of pianos alternated with seductive violin’s melodies. The vocals are added by Ryan Karazija, which with Paul Evans, Alex Somers are part of this album. The songs have an aesthetic imprint, as well as melodies and voice seem to blend in extraordinary. You can quietly sink into this music, some nostalgia perhaps will grab you at some point. And eventually it’s like being lulled by the North sea, being part of something huge and big, and being in harmony with it.

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Text by: Andra Munteanu