Miele Rancido

She loves to travel, she never stops creating new projects and she knows what she’s doing.

We are so glad to present you the most curious and positive model based in Italy! Miele just goes on, posing and studying and never surrendering. We discovered her favourite worldwide destinations and her aims regard work and existence in general.


Here some little curiosities about the intricate life of a pink haired model. 


Miele means “honey” and Rancido means “rancid”. So, why do you call yourself Rancid Honey? This sounds really interesting. Tell us something more!

I thought about it many years ago, before starting modeling. It is based on Goffman’s social theatre theory. I can quote this sentence to better explain it: “He holds that when an individual comes in contact with another person, he attempts to control or guide the impression that the other person will form of him, by altering his own setting, appearance and manner. At the same time, the person that the individual is interacting with attempts to form an impression of, and obtain information about, the individual.” That’s why “Honey” is on one side of the coin and “Rancid” is on the other side. It talks about how people really are (and maybe you don’t really know them!) and how they look like in society, it’s just an invitation to know people and to “taste” them, according to the fact that honey is the only stuff in the world which hasn’t an expiry date, so you have to try it to see if it went off or not, because the color and the smell are always the same. 

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Wow, such complex meaning! And how did you start modeling? Do you remember your first pictures? And what keeps you continuing?

I started photography not to become a model but just because I was curious, I wanted some pictures to keep with myself, you know… When I get older, I’ll look at them! Unfortunately, I never received my first shooting pictures (not a pity after all these years!). After that, I started to create more photo shootings and stories with some friends, and then with photographers and then… here we are after four years and half!

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We love curious people, so your approach is much welcome on Reykjavik Boulevard! What is the most interesting part of your job then?

Traveling, definitely traveling. Then, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, being someone else every day and being what I want. A vamp lady on Monday and a 50’s pinup on Friday and in the meanwhile, maybe, just myself.

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Is there anything about being a model that brings you down time to time?

Getting old. Every day I know I’m getting more and more experienced, but at the same time I’m getting older and older [smiles].

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I see… And what about your tattoos? You got so many! What’s their story?

They are all related to my life: Alice in Wonderland on my right arm because I want to believe that impossible is nothing (like the sentence in the movie between Alice and the Madhatter); several animals on the left arm because they’re all a part of my attitude (a chameleon, a panther, a kitty, a unicorn and a sea lion). Different sentences all over my body to describe how I am (“take life less seriously”, “never trust anyone” and also “keep it real”). I also have a blind woman on my right leg and I’m getting a huge back piece, by a tattooist in London, which is gonna be a traditional tiger. These days I got a world and a suitcase on my left hand palm! My favorite is definitely the parrot on the left leg, it was the ancient symbol of interpreters during WW2 and that’s why I did it!


So, you said the best part of your job is traveling. What is your favorite place to work?

I actually love traveling and I seldom travel to work all over Europe. I’ve been in several countries, also in the USA and I’ll probably go to Dubai next year. My favorite place is absolutely London, even if I love the Netherlands, Germany and France.

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And do you enjoy posing in your hometown? What thrills you the most about your country?

Nowadays, I don’t feel like I have a hometown, I just want to fly away as far as possible. However, I like posing in Italy, I love many people I’ve worked with because they became good friends during these years. Italian people could have many lacks but they are amazing, excited and friendly.


Which are your projects saving the photography?

I cannot be a model forever and I’m not interested in, that’s why I’m getting a university degree in interpreting and translation between Italian, French and English. I hope to become a good interpreter or translator one day, or maybe to become a good mother tongue teacher in a foreign country. We will see!

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Leave us with a song that may inspire you during a set!

I’d suggest you “Talk dirty to me” or “Kickstart my heart”. I love 80’s glam music!

All pics by Ed Leigh except #1 by Salvatore Catapano @Studio75

Text by Nina Sever