Michele Michelsanti is  a photographer from Florence, Italy.

In this irreverent yet smart shooting he plays down the fashion world together with beautiful model Selene and hilarious Doodles. Here’s how he described his work and inspiration:

The concept of my creation is the borderless relationship between painting and photography. A reinterpretation of the pictorials style of photographers like Frank Eugene Smith and Robert Demachy.

I primarily work with the snapshot aesthetic and all my images are both my personal memory images and material for my photographic practice. The work is very much in the tradition of the family album. I photograph almost daily. Often, I see the opportunity of an image, and the meaning comes after or appears in the editing.

The subject in the image is manipulated in order to achieve an artistic effect to remove unwanted parts (not hiding), and adding details to enhance the expressive characteristics of the image. A lot is dictated by the subconscious and the spontaneous. I photograph forwards but find the meaning and the storytelling backwards. For the same reason I’d rather not use my photos shortly after I have shot them. I like to detach myself from the experience of taking the image and see the images when I am inspired.

Drawing in textbooks, although frowned upon, is prevalent throughout the world. It’s like a universal language. We’ve all seen the classic devil horns or stink lines drawn on pictures of famous figures.

I remember that I was watching telly and a copy of “Io Donna” an italian women’s magazine was sat in front of me. Like so many people I just started aimlessly doodling on the cover and when I’d finished thought it looked pretty cool – it all developed from there! 

LMM_a_girl_for_mr_bunny-1 LMM_a_girl_for_mr_bunny-2 LMM_a_girl_for_mr_bunny-3 LMM_a_girl_for_mr_bunny-4 LMM_a_girl_for_mr_bunny-5 LMM_a_girl_for_mr_bunny-6 LMM_a_girl_for_mr_bunny-7 LMM_a_girl_for_mr_bunny-8 LMM_a_girl_for_mr_bunny-9 LMM_a_girl_for_mr_bunny-10