Poliedrica is story with a bitter-sweet flavor…

We can describe in this way the work of Marilù S. Manzini (1978, Modena, Italy), a successful writer and an artist.

In this days she is showing “Poliedrica”, her first solo exhibition, at Fondazione Stelline in Milan.

Un vecchio e un bambino si presero per mano e andarono incontro alla sera, 2011-cm420x297 - ©Marilù S.Manzini(1)

Her work is inspired by a song of the famous italian singer and songwriter Francesco Guccini.

A stroll on a long street: a grandfather shows to his grandchild the apocalyptic landscape and damages made by industrialization, his voice sounds like he is reading a fairy tale.

Giornata della memoria, 2008  cm420x297 (Ciclo di 5 immagini)- ©Marilù S.Manzini(1)Una famiglia per bene, 2011-cm50x50x50 - ©Marilù S.Manzini(1) John Lennon, 2003-cm120x120 - ©Marilù S.Manzini

Marilù recreates the mood of the song using two different kind of shoes as the symbol of different generations under two empty chairs. The dialogue is started. Everything is motionless. The protagonists are gone like the flourishing cornfield of a past era.

Press Marilù S.Manzini(1)

Text by: Carolina Gestri