Once upon time in the fabulous world of MANDY GREER

A woman who works with crochet, and with them she builds new worlds. She impresses our imagination with alternative natural environments where we can play with our thoughts.

Entering in her installation is like reading a fairy tales before going to sleep and starting to dream on.

Mandy Greer (born in 1973, living and working in Seattle, WA) creates a dreamland with a lot of different tools: photographs, performances and installations. Her motherhood was so important for her way of making art. Every woman has the natural power of creation and her personal experience drive her to adopt that power in her works.

You can create a second world that can be a new person or a fantastic environment made by buttons and crochets, the matrix of everything.

During last winter, Mandy worked surrounded by the suggestive wild Icelandic landscape. This singular habitat represents a surreal scenography for her pictures and her All-involving Films.








A meeting with Mandy’s work is like watching a fabulous movie. You will never forget it! You can follow her on TwitterFacebook and her Official Blog.

Text by: Carolina Gestri