MAGDALENA BIETH is a UK based creative enthusiast portrait and fashion photographer.

She’s been recently traveling around Poland and The Netherlands and, after that, shooting a couple of great editorials.

Here’s our little interview with the artist, together with her latest work, enjoy this talented and passionate photographer, you beauty queens!


Your first project, last project and future project: how would you describe them?

The very first project I worked on was a test shoot with my sister. It was a fun shoot and as I was still learning and experimenting with the camera it was very productive. As a result of the shoot, I felt I had entered a new chapter in my photography journey. Almost straight after I wanted to work on a new editorial concept that I had envisaged. It was an uplifting and encouraging experience.


My last project was a well organized and biggest production shoot I had ever attempted. It was an editorial and a cover shoot for an upcoming online magazine. It took us a few weeks to find and decide on the location, organize garments from the independent designers and put together a creative team including a video crew. Working on bigger production shoots with a talented and committed team is challenging, fulfilling and certainly most enjoyable. We will see what the future holds for me, but working on larger production shoots is certainly something I’m keen to explore more in the future.

What do you find inspiring and how would you describe your lifestyle?

Everything around us has an inspirational power and can touch everyone in a different, distinctive way.  In my view traveling, discovering new locations and meeting new people gives me the strongest creative fulfillment. Art galleries, theaters and cultural events are also my favorite sources of inspiration complemented by the work of talented artists in photography. People I make friends with within the industry are an amazing inspiration for me with their ambitious, exciting ideas for shoots, their commitment to the projects and variety of styles. However, when I’m planning a shoot, it all starts from the location which determines the theme, styling, make up and the type of model.


My lifestyle as a photographer revolves around working on personal projects. I spend a fair amount of time developing my skills, learning new tricks, exploring the network of new creative artists to collaborate with. I try to lead an active lifestyle with an emphasis on travel and reconnecting with my love of nature and the ocean.

What would you probably be today if you hadn’t followed your dreams of being a photographer, or what is your actual dream?

I’ve always been interested in photography and also video production. Despite being responsible for the dark-room at school at the age of 17 where I started to develop my first photographs, at some stage I began to experiment with a camcorder and various editing software. I believe if it wasn’t for a birthday gift in the form of a DSLR camera I received from a loved one then I would still be predominantly producing videos rather than fashion photographs. I have also a desire of running my own fashion photography magazine and I have recently begun taking the first few steps in achieving this dream.


At the moment I can’t imagine doing anything other than photography, however in the perfect world I’d be traveling, living somewhere hot, surfing every morning and shooting editorials.

Artists and events: can you tell us the most interesting that you’ve found in your career until now?

I’ve recently discovered the electrifying work of Szymon Brodziak, a world’s best black and white campaign photographer announced by fashion TV. I’m also inspired by the work of Jamie Nelson, Bruno Dayan, Zemotion, Krsty Mitchell, Rossella Vanon and Jenny Brough.


Every artist has an unique style, a creative mind set producing a piece reflecting their personal vision and character. I live near London so exhibitions, art galleries and  photography gatherings are open to any expressive and creative souls – a perfect place for artists.

The place where you were born, the place where you live, the best place where you traveled with your work: can you tell us something that only you know to describe them?

I come from a small town, where everyone knows each other and children are introduced to art from an early stage in their lives. I was able to express myself in many ways by acting, singing in a band, playing the instruments, dancing and painting. I believe all these have given me a strong foundation to begin my creative journey with photography. At the moment I live near the capital of art, multicultural and cosmopolitan city of London. I’m very grateful for remarkable network of supportive people around me who I can learn from and who encourage me to pursuit my photography.


I have also had the opportunity to meet extraordinary artists who inspired me to the core and enabled me to develop a network of international creative contacts from across the industry, as a result I have been fortunate enough to orchestrate a number of editorials abroad. I believe that my favorite place to shoot so far has been in the Netherlands where I worked with a very devoted and skillful team of professionals, who surprised me with their humble-vintage hipster style, warm and friendly nature. There are many other countries around the world where I hope my love of fashion and portrait photography will take me.

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The lost royalty – credits

Photography: Magdalena Bieth

Model: Maja Wolska @SPECTO – Model Management

Hair Stylist: Patricia Kubinski

MUA: Aleksandra Parol

Wardrobe: Alicja Dawidowicz

Wardrobe Stylist: Gosia Gaszewska

Head-piece: Mateusz Szymanski

Photography Assistance: Dariusz Witkowski

All pics are Magdalena Bieth © All rights reserved