Lili Colley is a British young and innovative artist.

She just won the ITS Jewelry Award in Trieste and Swarosky Elements Award, with an amazing 3D glowing necklace.

She was born in Scotland and she studied in the College of Fashion in London, Fashion Jewelry and she was choose for the Study China Program, in Beijing. For her creation she uses light, Plexiglas, mirror and metals. She creates unique jewelry and each piece seems like a design object. For her is very important the design, the forms and the effect of the light in her creations. Be ready to be adorned by new born stars.

Lili Colley

Your first project, last project and future project: how would you describe them?

First project – was a neck piece called ‘Pheromone’ it is very organic bringing together beetle armor in form and butterfly structure ‘Pheromone’ takes on a futuristic, animalistic, sexual prowess look.

My last project The Geo Deco Collection, I was influenced firstly by light then by the structure of the city and my new found obsession geometric paper folding. In this project I encompass the ages of art deco, living for the moment times and celebration of electricity and light.

My future project will take to the skies, stars and the nebula starburst galaxies where new stars are formed.

What do you find inspiring and how would you describe your lifestyle?

Lots of things! Life, my life, the things I collect and surround myself with color, lights, books on microscopic images, graffiti art, insect’s, architecture, geometrics, dancing and movement.

My lifestyle at the moment is mainly working to get my jewelry design business running. I’m also looking forward to going to the country soon where I can sit on the beach with friends and relax.

Lili Colley

What would you probably be today if you hadn’t followed your dreams of being a designer, or what is your actual dream?

A Dancer. I love movement, music and expressing emotion.

Artists and events: can you tell us the most interesting that you’ve find in your career until now?

Anish Kapoor love his exhibitions!

Brian Cox explaining science, skies and the earth! Amazing!

Loved Yayoi Kusama at the Tate Modern.

“Future Beauty, 30 years of Japanese Fashion” at the Barbican just brilliant!

 Lili Colley

The place where you were born, the place where you live, the best place where you traveled with your work: can you tell us something that only you know to describe them?

I was in born in Scotland, I grew up in Wales. I now live in London. I love London! I’m so happy for all the places I have lived or visited! I was lucky to be chosen for the Study China Program which aims to encourage awareness to live and study in the global economy. We lived as students at Beijing university it was an amazing opportunity and so interesting to experience Chinese culture.

I have to say that my recent visit to Trieste Italy has to be one of the best places as the experience of being a part of International Talent Support family and competition, being amongst so much amazing talent and big names was the best and winning the ITS award for my jewelry collection and Swarovski Elements award for the crystal embedded neck piece was the best surprise!


Photography Lee Kirby
Fashion Stylist Sarah Winton
Model Linn Profile Models

Text by: Teresa Vitartali