Frédéric Gueguen aka LEQUARK

You never know where a little monster can appear from! Did you check under your bed? Or maybe he’s just chilling on the roof of your house. You can find yourself watching your a bit more hairy reflection in the pond you use to visit, or maybe the rumor from the trees above your head has a sinister pitch.

Fred Gueguen, a France based artist, created a parallel world, touchable as his little monsters seem to be. We have no idea of what that all means, but it’s just wonderful!






Where are you from, Fred? In which place the idea came into your mind for the first time?

I think that for the first time, they appeared to me in a moment of loneliness, on a rock I used to visit in Brittany. You know that discomfort you perceive with the corner of the eye, that kind of furtive movement which becomes stronger on the twilight or in a warn morning. This is how it happened.


Which is the process of putting those black creatures to the pictures you took around the world?

The process is quite simple… I started reviewing my old analogical pictures of my rare but long-lasting travels around the world and the evidence was overwhelming! Their subtile presence kidnapped me! I had to reveal them on my pictures.


Moja-Moja is a Japanese onomatopoeia. Have you ever been to Japan? By the way why did you choose right this country to give a name to your hairy monsters?

In my mind they are the fundamental elements of the Nature. Japan can just be their point of origin, their homeland. I’ve traveled a bit everywhere around that island and honestly it’s a gorgeous civilization which succeeded in mixing the past and the future, putting them on a tangible layer. Japan is a perfect compound for Moja-Moja’s presence. The next step has been their expansion, which happened quite easily, also thanks to my collaboration with other photographers.


And what does Lequark mean?

It’s my cat and my best confidant.


Have you ever seen “Amélie”, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s movie? There is a gnome (a little statue) who travels from France to many different places around the planet! Is this the kind of thing that happens to your creations?

The gnome is a lonely creature. He wanders like a lost spirit through the world, maybe looking for a soulmate. While my Moja-Mojas are well organized and sociable (especially to each other). Their flock instinct push them toward the global expansion, far away from the life of a garden gnome! 


So you said you make collaborations with other photographers. How does that work?

It’s with pleasure that I create my Moja-Moja, integrating them to my pictures. Then I publish them on the Net, with the aim to read spectators’ reactions. Sometimes it happens that I upload images on Deviant Art, offering to collaborate working on pictures I like most. Actually it’s not me, are my little monsters who just decide to occupy the pictures I look after. These intrusive collaborations help the Moja-Moja Myth!

Text by: Nina Sever