Karina Belman is an artist from Guanajuato, México.

She’s 23 and – as she introduces herself – socially awkward.

Karina is the founder and editor of “Illustrated girls” the first online magazine that features only female art, and got a major in digital arts. You know, we always say that traveling and discovering the world means a lot for an artist, and that’s what happened to her:

I studied abroad two years ago and that really changed my life, it made me more aware of the world and aware of the impact that we as an artists have on it.

My main inspiration when it comes to illustrate is my daily life, things that I hear on the street, things that I hear from my friends and also I would say that my illustrations are all about love, the love that I feel for my family and friends and the love that I feel for the life itself.

Here’s a bunch of her latest works, exclusive for Reykjavik Boulevard, enjoy the cuteness and fun of her colors and lines: