How’d we define the incredible concept EP of danish music project Jørck and german photographer Jessica Wolfelsperger?

“A scent of spring air in the fall sun”.

The verse above is taken from ‘Unshakeable silence’, one of the songs which belongs the new EP, Dancing On Gold, which was released on September 30th.


That’s kind of an interesting and very fascinating project. Let’s take a deep look into it!


Dancing on Gold works on three fields: music, lyrics and photography. The aim is to express the crucial aspects of the human being as life, death and the fact that everything passes by, everything has an end. It’s kind of philosophical message. Sometimes we ask questions we cannot answer, and at some point, eventually, life itself gives us an answer.


This project is almost like this, trying to reduce frustration and giving instead a feeling of beauty that surrounds you through contrasts.

The visual part of the collaboration was given to the photographer Jessica Wolfelsperger, who interpreted the various existential themes of the lyrics using Polaroids and shooting in the lovely and entrancing woods around Berlin.


At a first glance, you can get the whole perception of something Gold that is bigger than us, and it’s all around. We have only to understand the best way to grab it, and to just enjoy it. The songs are very delightful, bright, melodic, offering you the feeling of being right, in the nature, with soft lights, trying to find your place in this world. Trying to belong to somewhere and someone.

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Text by Andra Munteanu • All pics are She Wolf © All rights reserved